"Happiness is not only a Hope , but also in some Strange manner a Memory . We are all Kings in Exile ." : Gkchesterton ( Thething ) Return to Kokchurang from Thangsing Himalayas Nirvana Peace Nature Landscape Travel2015 Traveldiaries Travel Trekking GoechaLa GoechaLA2015 Texture Quotes Quotestagram Colors BlueSky NoFilter
One of my favorite authors: G. K. Chesterton. #sky #plane #jj_forum #jj #ig #picoftheday #instagood #gkchesterton Plane Picoftheday Ig Jj  Instagood Jj_forum Gkchesterton Sky
A poesia mantém a sanidade porque flutua facilmente num mar infinito; a razão procura atravessar o mar infinito, e assim torná-lo finito... Gkchesterton Thejoker MarceloCamelo Trêsdias music mpb love desenhosdesaladeaula direitodotrabalho