Jāņa bača. ;DD Batterija Truly
A New and unsettled World . A world with endless Possibilities  . And Infinité outcomes. Countless Choices define our Faith . Each Choice , each Moment , is Ripple in the River of Time . Enough Ripples and You Change the Tide . For the Future , it is never Truly set. So the time is always Now and it's all yours. ShadowSelfie GoechaLA2015 GoechaLa Travel2015 Traveldiaries Travel Blackandwhite XMenQuote Thangsing Trek
Simple Sights. Taking Photos EyeEm Eyemphotography EyeEm Gallery From My Point Of View Showcase July Vscocam The Great Outdoors With AdobeVSCO PhonePhotography Androidography The Essence Of Summer Photooftheday Feel The Journey Malaysia Truly ASIA Hello World
Morningslikethese Srinagar Kashmir Lake Dallakesrinagar Cold Weather Truly Heaven Incredible India
Ambuyat for Dinner with @harmoneylate @indah damai cafe Food Truly Asian  heheh
Lunch for today with @bel_david ABC Drink Truly Asian
Happiness Happy Laugh Live Enjoy Life Good Cool True Truly Smile Making Creative Create Moment Moments Takeit Chance
我其實都懂的 Truly Frozen Kiss
A walk in the park. Eyeem Collection EyeEm Gallery Eyeemphotography Outdoor Photography The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover Eye EyeEmbestshots From My Point Of View Showcase July VSCO Malaysia Truly ASIA Feel The Journey Androidography PhonePhotography EyeEm Outdoors Eyeemphoto
Greatdanelover Mybeauty Whoownswho Truly cantsmilewithoutyou
Now that's what I Call Morning Glory from Dzongri top. The Sun was yet to Rise . But the Horizon seem to be in a different Mood and it showed it's True Color . The Nature was Truly at it's Best  . The Landscape has it's Definition by itself. The Effort (Trek ) was paying off. Picture courtesy : @pramatha.patra Instamoment OnTheEdge Instagram GoechaLA2015 GoechaLa Trekking TravelDiaries Travel2015
Check This Out Truly Nobody Deserve !!
Double Tap If  You Truly Like IT
My Good Old Boy Summer Dogs My Dogs Are Cooler Than Your Kids EyeEm Best Shots I Love My Dog Truly AntiM Blackandwhite The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards
Neither Wheat was a great thing nor Satan was that person can push Adam to commit sin.The sin of Adam was just Love.He accept every thing because of his beloved.If you be Adam hell will be heaven to you with your truly Eve. Wheat Satan Person Adam  Sin  Love Accept Beloved Heaven Truly Eve Wheat Field Sunlight Photography
Growing Better Rising Above the Harmful Ignorance of Humans upon another Living & Truly Responsive being. Strange Tribute Perhaps Blackandwhite
First Eyeem Photo Cool Awesome Piano And Pianist Love ♥ IT Piano Keys Truly Smiles For Me