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My dear friends this precious beautiful young lady who wanted her portrait to be painted by someone , I'm guessing I'm the only one who respond her request to paint her portrait and i must say this, she is absolutely gorgeous and definitely i enjoy painting this amazing portrait so GEN thanks allowing me to paint your portrait and i hope you like what you see .oil on canvas. Drawings Art Paintings Art, Drawing, Creativity Drawing
I asked permission from my very talented friend Elizabeth to paint this beautiful picture and she kindly granted my request and I'm very grateful to her allowing me to paint this so thank you Elizabeth a i hope you like this. Drawing Paintings Art Art, Drawing, Creativity Drawings .
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I'm spouse to post 2 more fruits witch it's ready to be shown but since i promised my dear friend MEI MEI to paint her portrait and she ok me to paint her gorgeous face so i decided to post her painting instead of another fruit, so here it is and Mai mai i hope you like this and also i truly appreciate your friendship, thank you . oil on canvas painted yesterday. Drawing Art Art, Drawing, Creativity Paintings Drawings
This is TAZ my amazing the most intelligent family friend we ever had, my friends the only thing my dog doesn't do is he can't talk other than that he is almost a human just like us and honestly i paint his portrait once a year and this is his fifteen birthday present so TAZ i love you dearly and i hope you like your portrait. Oil on canvas. Drawing Paintings Drawings Art Art, Drawing, Creativity Dogs Of EyeEm
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