The Tea Cosy

Sydney,NSW,Australia-November 20,2016: People eating outdoors at The Tea Cosy with handmade blankets and the Rocks Market in Sydney, Australia Australia City Life Eating Market Menu Relaxing Sunny Tables And Chairs Tea The Rocks The Tea Cosy Blankets Break Building Cafe Chalkboard Group Handmade Sidewalk Cafe Social Gathering Socializing Sydney Togetherness Umbrella Weekend Activities
Sydney,NSW,Australia-November 20,2016: Tourists at The Rocks open-air market in Sydney, Australia. Australia Lunch Shopping Tables And Chairs The Rocks The Tea Cosy Tourist Weekend Alfresco Blankets Cafe Consumerism Crowd Crowded Dining Market Stall Marketplace Real People Restaurant Retail  Retail Display Sails Sidewalk Cafe Sydney Umbrella