Planinarski dom Zavižan

Planinar Luka, Zavizan, Velebit, Hrvatska, 2017. Zavizan Velebit Velebit Mountain Tree Pine Tree Forest Hiking Adventure Rock - Object Backpack Documentary Standing Nature Lifestyles Landscape Leisure Activity
Zavizan basin with Zavizan mountain hut (alt. 1594m) built on the foundations of Krajac's house dating back to 1927. Near the hut is located the oldest high-altitude weather station in Croatia, established in 1953. Zavizan Velebit Velebit Mountain Nature Beauty In Nature Landscape Mountain Weather Sky Outdoors Stormy Weather Storm Stormy Sky
Zavizan, Croatia, 2017. Zavizan Velebit Velebit Mountain Mountain Morning Fog Mist Distant Thoughts Thinking Beauty In Nature Outdoors Landscape Silhouette Tree Hiking
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