'HiddenWaterfall' Taking Photos Oslo2016✨ Hiddenplaces Waterfalls And Calming Views  Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy Enjoying Life Hiking URB✨ Relaxing Summer2016✨ Urbannature KariJosefiné✨
'Ready Steady Go!' SEAGULL IN FLIGHT Taking Photos Birdlife🕊 URBex Oslo Streetphotography WorldsApalette Sunmer In The City Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy Check This Out Pond Urbannature Hiking Adventures Urbanexploration KariJosefiné✨ Summer2016✨
'Canadageese Kids' Check This Out Hello World Taking Photos Enjoying Life LifeAtThePond Hiking Adventures Summer2016✨ Sunmer In The City Oslo, Norway Streetphotography Urbex Urbannature Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy Pond Birdlife🕊 CityHiking KariJosefiné✨
'Mama Watching Out' Osloswans❤️ Oslo2016✨ Birdlife🕊 Taking Photos IPhoneography Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy Urbannature Pond VikingSwans❤️ Summer2016✨ Enjoying Life Urbex Oslo, Norway KariJosefiné✨
'Refletorism2' Check This Out WorldsApalette Taking Photos Enjoying Life CityHiking Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy Streetphotography Architecture Urbex Oslo, Norway Sunmer In The City Reflections ColourPhotography Oslo2016✨ KariJosefiné✨
'WindowReflect' Summer2016✨ Architecture Hanging Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life Urbanexploration OsloStreets❤️ IPhoneography Streetphotography Reflections Urbex AndTheLivingIsEasy Oslo2016✨ KariJosefiné✨
'TwinHouses2' Architecture Holmenkollen, Oslo Enjoying Life Streetphotography Hiking Taking Photos Summer2016✨ Hiking Adventures Urbex Sunmer In The City Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy KariJosefiné✨
'TwinHouses' Architecture Taking Photos Oslo2016✨ Urbex Streetphotography OsloStreets❤️ Enjoying Life Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy Urbanexploration IPhoneography Summer2016✨ KariJosefiné✨
Picking Daisy's Taking Photos Flowers Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy Oslo2016✨ Urbannature Sunmer In The City Enjoying Life Hiking Adventures Urbex KariJosefiné✨
'FlowerPower' Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy Hanging Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life Hiking Adventures Sunmer In The City Streetphotography Urbex Takingpics📷🐞💘 Holmenkollen, Oslo Summer2016✨ KariJosefiné✨
'BeautyFlow' Flowers Taking Photos Bokeh Photography Hiking Adventures Enjoying Life Sunmer In The City Oslo2016✨ Urbannature Summertime AndTheLivingIsEasy KariJosefiné✨