Mckenna found the remnants of a snow cave too hide in, while we cooked some pizzas over a campfire. ---- Camping CampLife Nightsky Snow Snowcave Lightpainting Utah Americanforkcanyon Nightshooters Longexposure Instagram_kids Lifeisgood Hiding Visitutahvalley Visitutah Dreamsofspring Nightphotography Stars Goatworthy Adventureseeker Bestmountainartists Mountains Canyons Endofwinter Yesvisitutah
Mount Nebo looking over as spring is in full bloom at the @thankspoint gardens. So many flowers! Tulip Springishere Thanksgivingpoint Tulipfestival Flowers Utah Visitutahvalley Sunsets Wasatch Mountaincrushmonday
More sunsets, More mountains, and More lakes? sure thing. Timpstagram Timpanogos Silverlakeflats Utah Sunset_madness Sunsets Americanforkcanyon Visitutahvalley Visitutah Dreamsofspring
Throwbackthursday  I've been neglecting @timpanogos lately something in must rectify. This is one of my favorites I've ever taken of her. Next clear night I'll probably be out freezing up here. TBT  Timpstagram Utah Timpanogos Winter Winterishere Frozenlandscape Utahwinter Nightsky Itsfullofstars Starrynight Ig_astrophotography Visitutahvalley
Provo canyon was pretending to be a rain forest yesterday. Almost had me convinced. Mountaincrushmonday Provocanyon Visitutah Visitutahvalley Utah Mountains RainyDay Forest Forestlife Canyons
Timpanogos trying to peak through the clouds over the Aspen groves. Timpstagram Timpanogos Mountains Aspen Alpine Alpineloop Visitutah Visitutahvalley Utah
Naturechallenge Photo 3/7: Snow covered dormant aspens up American Fork Canyon. Waiting for spring, I think I am almost ready for spring... Almost. ----- Thanks to the awesome @bader.aldurai to this challenge! (Go check his stuff out!) - 7 images in 7 days. I might just be able to pull this off ;) And to pass it forward, I challenge @kimballmortensen to show off his skills, awesome video clips would be even better! ----- Utah Utahgramer Americanforkcanyon Alpineloop Utahvalley Nature Mountains Snow Visitutahvalley
Memorialday "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." ~John Muir Off to get some more time up in the trees this weekend. Memorialdayweekend Tgif Dronestagram Dronelife Forestlife Americanforkcanyon Utah Visitutahvalley
Naturechallenge Photo 2/7: As I drove into that sunset, the last rays of light were caught by frozen waterfalls of Provo canyon. I really seem to forget about this canyon because its so busy, but there is some great sights to see up it. ----- Thanks to the awesome @bader.aldurai to this challenge! (Go check his stuff out!) - 7 images in 7 days. I might just be able to pull this off ;) And to pass it forward, I challenge @winncrow to show some more of his handy work, ----- Sunsets Utah Utahgramer Provo Provocanyon Utahvalley Nature Mountains Icecicles Visitutahvalley
Sunset painting warm colors against the cold cliffs and ice along Provo Canyon. ------ Provo Provocanyon Visitutahvalley Utah Sunsetcolors Winters Provout Utahwinter Bestmountainartists
Moon floating in a deep blue sky right after sunset. I've done plenty of full moon photos, but the color of they sky in this is something I can't get enough of. Moon Moonlight Deepblue Bluehour Sky Utah Fullmoon Nightsky Visitutahvalley
“No half-heartedness and no worldly fear must turn us aside from following the light unflinchingly.” ~J.R.R.Tolkien Nothing I love more than a beautiful sunset being chased by a beautiful night. Sunsets Landscape Colors Endofday Americanforkcanyon Sky Nightfall Utah Visitutahvalley Visitutah Looktothesky
Beautiful storm rolling through the vally. Lightning Storm Utah Visitutah Utahvalley Thunder Thunderstorm Visitutahvalley
Mountaincrushmonday The sunset casting long shadows across the valley. Dreamsofspring Sunsets Dronestagram Aerialview Utah Visitutahvalley Visitutah . UtahisRad
Mountaincrushmonday Caught an awesome full moon rising over Timpanogos with @andy_best before he ran up to ski Alta. Was worried the clouds would mess it up but didn't disappoint. Timpstagram Timpanogos Mountains Themountainsarecalling Visitutahvalley Visitutah Lifeelevated Wearestillwild