after cycling for a good half an hour, i finally reached this place. just like the picture i saw online. Disclaimer: This is NOT Itsukushima Shrine, the Floating Shrine on the Sea which is located in Hiroshima and is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage. This instead is the Shirahige Shinto shrine in Takashima in Shiga, and is dedicated to e head shrine of the Shirahige Shrines around the country. albeit smaller, but still nice la. maybe that's why it didn't make the cut for UNESCO. Japan Kansai Kyoto Otsu Lakebiwa Chill Travel Adventure Vscocam VSCO Toriigates Moretorrigates Shirahige Itsukushima NotUNESCO Maybethatswhyitsfree Scaredgohiroshimagotradiation