301 days till I see you again, oh summer how I miss you already... Summerimissyou Imsorryitookyouforgranted Itwonthappenagainipromise Photographyskillsonpoint BeautifulSunset
"..And maybe were just like the sun and the moon; deeply in love with each other but too different to exist side by side. "🐼 Caboose Greenvillefinds Oldabandonedoldabandonedtrainstation Photographyskillsonpoint Beautifulflowers
San Antonio River walk πŸ˜™. Twas so lovely with so much history❀. Sanantonio Sanantonioriverwalk Whosaysyoucantworkandhavefun Withmifamilia Sanantonioriverwalkboatride Photographyskillsonpoint
What if the one that got away came back.. Photographyskillsonpoint
Great day with @austinsparrow @alex_addison_sparrow & Avery πŸ˜† Photographyskillsonpoint Flowersarelife Weshoulddothisagain
These things are so creepy. I see them everywhere outside and they are all empty... 😫😫😭 I can't climb my tree cause I found a bunch of them all lined up. *shivers* Whyyoudoingthistomenature ShedSkin Somebug Photographyskillsonpoint
☁ ☁ ☁ Photographyskillsonpoint
Can we just take a moment and admire the beautiful sunset?! Sunset BeautifulSunset Instanature Photographyskillsonpoint
And maybe we all just needed something if not someone to loose ourselves and rediscover. Photographyskillsonpoint Riverwalk Throwbackmonday Theoretically Imapoet Thebookbldg Photographyskillsonpoint
I saw the light and pursued it, they saw the light and eschewed from it. I guess that's the difference between living and simply existing. I live to finally feel a sense of relieve from everything that ever made me doubt myself, because I know that there is more to it than all that is set before me. They know no such thing and thus remain in the dark knowing no other way to live. Its now for me and many others to go to such ones and show them what that light leads to, show them that there is more that this. Show them what it truly means to be happy, what it means to live. Photographyskillsonpoint Highway Followthelight Beautfulsunset Sometimeswordsspewoutofmybrain
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