Old picture, haven't got an up to date back pic atm but wanted to post my back session from today for anyone to give a go.... Today's pull session: - weighted neutral grip pull ups 4 x 6 - low row 4 x 10-12 - natural grip lat pull downs 4 x 10-12 - machine row 4 x 10-12 - reverse machine flys 4 x 12 - barbell curls 4 x 12 - hammer grip rope curls 3 x 12 (triple drop set on last set) I'm using more neutral grips for my overhead movements atm as in finding more emphasis on my lats and a great stretch! If you're wondering why there are no deads or bent over rows it's because I have a herniated disk and don't perform those movements anymore! You can get by without! Backday Cantwaittocutagain