I was tagged by @meistershake to do a Shelfie ... Since all of the Silver Hawks figures are actually standing, this is my skunk ape/chupacabra/Jersey devil (holy grail?) pic! Got a little Black Star, Secret of the Ninja and Motu action there too. I nominate @dumontlamont, @ghostbeard77 and @darthmoondog to show us some shelfie... Blackstar Galoob Secretoftheninja Remco Motu Stinkor Klone Silverhawks Kenner Kotoys Copperkidd Motuko Mattel Mattycollector 80stoys Vintagetoys Actionfigures Toycrewbuddies 80sKid 80schild Toycollector Toycollection Toysaremydrug Toycommunity toypics toyplanet toycollectorproblems