I was tagged by @meistershake to do a Shelfie ... Since all of the Silver Hawks figures are actually standing, this is my skunk ape/chupacabra/Jersey devil (holy grail?) pic! Got a little Black Star, Secret of the Ninja and Motu action there too. I nominate @dumontlamont, @ghostbeard77 and @darthmoondog to show us some shelfie... Blackstar Galoob Secretoftheninja Remco Motu Stinkor Klone Silverhawks Kenner Kotoys Copperkidd Motuko Mattel Mattycollector 80stoys Vintagetoys Actionfigures Toycrewbuddies 80sKid 80schild Toycollector Toycollection Toysaremydrug Toycommunity toypics toyplanet toycollectorproblems
For any fans of Bootlegactionfigures , I discovered something interesting. This guy, named Deevil , is a Knockoff  of a Bootleg , for lack of a better way to say it. He was from a line of figures called Swords & Sorcerers. His original card says that he was made by Acamas toys, but the card also says Galaxywarriors on the front and back, which were made by Sungold . The front of the card features the same artwork used by Galaxyfighters , which were produced by Sewco . His body is also stamped by Sungold. Total confusion with these Knockofftoys ! Remco Knockoff  Bootleg Actionfigures Fakes Hemanknockoff Motuknockoff Bootlegtoys Bootlegs Vintagetoys 80stoys Toypics Toygang Toys4life Toystoystoys toycollector toycommunity toycrewbuddies vintageactionfigures
This pic reminds me of those drawings in children's activity books where you're supposed to circle and count the differences. Anyhow, on the left is Magnon from Galaxy Heroes, Galaxy Warriors and Swords and Sorcerers. On the right is Daton from Galaxy Fighters. When compared side by side, subtle differences in coloring and sculpt are noticeable; their torsos, limbs, hands, helmets, gauntlets, belts, shorts and boots all have different details in sculpt. In other words, both figures are entirely different (even though they're often mistaken for being the same figure). Unseen in the photo are the Sungold and Sewco maker's marks on Magnon's and Daton's legs, respectively. Motuknockoff Motuko Knockofftoys Sewco Sungold Bootlegactionfigures Actionfigurephotography Vintageactionfigures Acamas Galaxyfighters Galaxyheroes Galaxywarriors 80stoys Remco Actionfigures Vintagetoys Toycollection Toycommunity Toycollector Toycrewbuddies Toypics