Well I recently found out my brother has been diagnosed with Leukemia / "ALL" aka (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)... He's honestly the strongest man I know & I know he's going to pull through this like its nothing. In his words "it's just another bump in the road" it's just weird to me how things like this happen... I hate it for him & I figured if he has to go bald I wanted to do it too. All the good things he does & now he's dealing with this.. its weird but it all happens for a reason I guess. We might not know that reason but I know what doesn't kill you makes you stronger & as strong as you are bub you're about to be the strongest around. @drewt9210 Prayfordrew Teamdrew Cureallcancer Findacure Fuckcancer CancerSucks Cancer Baldforacause Teamnohair Nohairdontcare