Constanta, photography, mamaia, nautical, cloud, day, waterfront, patio, history, built, attic, old, obsolete, black, building, balcony, cargo, old-fashioned, beach, architecture, -, color, abandoned, overcast, edge, sky, sea, water's, container, monument

Old Constanta Casino and Harbor viewed from seafront. Picture taken during cloudy day Abandoned Ancient Architecture Attic Black Sea Building Exterior Built Structure Casino Church Column Constanta, Photography, Mamaia, Nautical, Cloud, Day, Waterfront, Patio, History, Built, Attic, Old, Obsolete, Black, Building, Balcony, Cargo, Old-fashioned, Beach, Architecture, -, Color, Abandoned, Overcast, Edge, Sky, Sea, Water's, Container, Monument Façade Famous Place Harbor Historic History Monument Overcast Perspective Promenade Religion Tourism Travel Destinations First Eyeem Photo
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