Urban Spring Fever 3-26-16 Enjoying the Local Open Market on a lovely spring day. Ip6s+ Streetphotography Taking Photos Enjoying Life Donna TX Iphonephotography Food On The Go Walking Around Spring Shop Shopping ♡ Public Places Marketplace
Reflections In The Water Puddles in my back yard. Sunset Silhouettes Sky And Clouds Ip6s+ no cropping Manitoba's Interlake Canada Spring Hnausa
Celebrate Your Ride Where's the other wheel? Old tire at Open Market Openmarket Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Bicycle Tires Donna TX
The KIOMI Collection Ip6s+ Iphoneonly Iphonephotography View Rocks Shoreline Nature Public Places Nature Photography Water Bridge Birds Dog People People Watching SouthPadreIsland TX
IPS2016People Watching couples check out the fishing rods at the business across from us at the open market. Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Snapseed Blackandwhite Fishing Rods Shopping Time DonnaTX Openmarket
Celebrate Your Ride Birds resting and watching on top of used bikes on top of a trailer in an open market in Donna TX Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Bicycles Openmarket Black And White
3-19-16. More Tiny Beauty-Pink/Purple Ip6s+ IPhoneography Camera+ Macro Macro_collection Macro Photography Macro Beauty Macro Nature Macro_flower Nature Nature Photography Natural Beauty Potted Plant Flowers Flower Collection Pink/purple Color
IPS2016People 2-27-16. Preparing to open market. Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Blackandwhite Working People Produce Open Market Donna TX Snapseed Native Crop
Urban Spring Fever Fun Way To Push Enjoying Life Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Streetphotography Weslaco TX Blackandwhite Photography Blackandwhite Public Places Wheels Children Pushing
The KIOMI Collection Ip6s+ Iphoneonly Iphonephotography Tranquility Tranquil Scene Relaxing SouthPadreIsland TX Shore Shells Nature Sand Sand & Sea Sandy Beach Waves Waves Crashing Waves Rolling In Waves Sand Water Waterfront Nature Photography Public Places Shoreline Walking Around
3-18-16. 1of 3 photos of storm clouds over Weslaco TX. Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Outdoors Outdoor Photography Stormy Weather Night Nightphotography Clouds And Sky Sunset Nature Nature Photography Red And Orange
A different day in Feb on my walk and always looking for something to photograph. There were several red ant hills and decided to capture them working. Snapseed edit and crop. Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Ants Nature Photography IPS2016Closeup
March morning walk-Dew drops. Nature Nature Photography Taking Photos Ip6s+ Camera+ Macro Macro Nature Macro Photography Grasses Dew Dewdrops Plant OutdoorssOutdoor Photographyy Green
3-18-16. 2 of 3 storm clouds over Weslaco TX. Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Night Nightphotography Sunset Stormy Weather Clouds And Sky Outdoor Photography Nature Nature Photography Outdoors Shopping Parking Lot
Feb 2016. Loading for the open market. No edit Iphonephotography Ip6s+ Open Market Donna TX 4eyemphotography Food Foodphotography Pineapples
3-10-16 Out for a ride. Enjoying Life Taking Photos 4eyemphotography Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Donna TX Bicycles Exercise Splash Splash App Splash Of Color Snapseed Outdoor Photography Outdoors
3-16-16. Daily walk-more tiny beauty. Enjoying Life Taking Photos Flowers Flower Collection Pink/purple Color Natural Beauty Nature Nature Photography Macro_flower Macro Nature Macro Beauty Macro Photography Macro_collection Macro Ip6s+ Camera+ Iphonephotography Macro_captures Taking Photos Donna TX Walking Around Walking
Urban Spring Fever Mesquite Blossom/Seed. Ip6s+ Macro Camera+ Macro Photography Macro Beauty Macro Nature Nature Nature Photography Natural Beauty Blossom Mesquite Mesquite Trees Mesquite Flowers Morning Green And Yellow  Yellow Yellow Flowers Donna TX
3-25-16. Palm Tree Texture. Enjoying Life Nature Macro Camera+ Ip6s+ IPhoneography Macro Photography Macro Nature Natural Beauty Nature Photography Macrophotography Palm Trees Barks Of A Tree Brown Rough Textures And Surfaces Textured  Donna TX Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography
3-18-16. 3 of 3 photos of stormy weather over Weslaco TX. Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Outdoors Outdoor Photography Shopping Stormy Weather Nature Nature Photography Night Nightphotography Dark Sky Birds_n_branches
On my looking for something, again, to photo. Feb 2016. Saw this spider and got as close as possible hoping to not disturb it. Edit and cropped in macro+. Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Spider Nature Photography IPS2016Closeup
Urban Spring Fever Rise and Shine on the little ones. Ip6s+ IPhoneography Outdoor Photography Nature Photography Natural Beauty Walking Nature Weeds Are Beautiful Too Macrophotography Camera+ Macro Sunrise Sunrise And Clouds Silhouette Silhoutte Photography Silhouette Of Grass Cloudy
IPS2016People 2-29-16 Lunchtime in Brownsville, TX Ip6s+ Snapseed Iphonephotography Mexican Food Lunchtime Brownsville Texas
3-18-16. More Tiny Beauty-Purple. Ip6s+ Iphonephotography Camera+ Macro Macro Photography Macro_collection Macro Nature Macro Beauty Macro_flower Macro_captures Purple Purple Flower Flowers Flower Collection
Night Weslaco TX Authentic Mexican Food Enjoying Life Native Edit Ip6s+ Iphonephotography
Urban Spring Fever 3-26-16. Easter decorations-not piñatas. Ip6s+ IPhoneography Enjoying Life Streetphotography Color Colorful Easter Tissue Tissue Paper Art Mexican Culture Mexicolors Weslaco TX