Collaboration Decim8 Street_walkers EyeEmBestEdits
Sweet baby of mine the eldest. Decim8 EyeEm Best Edits My Babes New NEM Self
take us home / gulf portrait (Port Aransas Ferry, Texas) Decim8
Power Lines Decim8 EyeEm Nature Lover MOB Fiction Magazine
Shootermag Decim8 EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Edits
Invitation to love Moving Shadows AMPt_community IPhoneography Shootermag IPhoneArtism Mob Fiction Mobile Artistry NEM GoodKarma Decim8 Digital Art
Fragments one AMPt_community IPhoneArtism Mob Fiction Shootermag IPhoneography Mobile Artistry Decim8 Landscape_photography Italianeography The Storyteller - 2014 Eyeem Awards
Berlin city pace Streetphotography City 2.0 - The Future Of The City Decim8
Decim8 Abstractions In BlackandWhite Boid Exploding
IPhoneography Decim8 AMPt_community EyeEm Best Edits
Edited this for a great friend artist. Check her feed. Free Open Edit For My Friends That Connect Abstractions In Colors NEM Derelict NEM Painterly IPhoneography Decim8 NEM Mind
[Directional Exit v.3] Vscocam Decim8 Droidography Street Photography
Look Up Architecture_bw Decim8 NEM Black&white
Decim8 Geometric Abstraction Minimalobsession
IPhoneArtism EyeEm Best Shots Decim8 NEM Self
All of your flaws And all of my flaws, When they have been exhumed We'll see that we need them To be who we are Without them we'd be doomed There's a hole in my soul I can't fill it, I can't fill it There's a hole in my soul Can you fill it? Can you fill it? Selfportrait_tuesday_nonchallenge Decim8
Abstract Decim8 Altered Perceptions
Decim8 Decim8nday Millennial Pink
Angle of loll Onthebeach EYEEM A Dreamer... IPhoneArtism Shootermag Mobile Artistry AMPt_community NEM Avantgarde Moving Shadows Decim8 Mob Fiction
I've been waiting for you to come back @kikeb so I could post this shot. Kike's wonderful self, my humble edit. Happy new year my friend! Collaboration Decim8
bespoke, yet he said nothing at all but reigned in the rain that no one saw... Blackandwhite Decim8 Strangers In Transit Shootermag
The fleeting seasons - a slightly more adventurous edit! AMPt_community Decim8 Still Life Shootermag
Walking Around Sunglasses Selfportrait Decim8
Put Some Yellow In Your Life Decim8 Vscocam
Alter-Ego Abstract IPhoneography Decim8 IPhoneArtism
Selfportrait_tuesday_nonchallenge Decim8
Abstract Decim8
Distortion Decim8 Abstract
Andy Warhol Velvet Underground Yellow WIWT Decim8 Dress One Person White Background Tall Dresses Silhouette Ootd Scotland
Autoritratto Decim8
Self Portrait Decim8 Glitch Decim8thyself Selfportrait The New Self-Portrait Open Edit Monochromeart
Decim8 Ndpatterns Guitar Design
Mftccart Artforartssake Artporn Decim8
Decim8 IPhoneArtism Abstractions In BlackandWhite AMPt - Vanishing Point
... and here is the full frame edit from my previous post. on IG just a square crop... - - edited with Snapseed and Decim8 Architecture IPhoneography Decim8 Wicked_flip
Decim8 Abstractions In BlackandWhite Abstractarchitecture
Decim8 Decim8