Unconquered Deserted foot over bridge on a bright but lazy morning. It's more of an advertisement haven than a pedestrian bridge. Nofilter Urbandairy Urbanacupuncture HelloHyderabad Morning
Urban wilderness of aimless souls. Saw this batch of people comprising of about 100 people on a loose count. Campaigning for the upcoming elections in Hyderabad. Impulsively carrying the campaign to the streets. Incessant honking is just a part of it to grab attention which they eventually did. P.S: I've grey scaled this image for my own safety. Urbandairy Urbanacupuncture HelloHyderabad Sohyderabad
Kitten Mumbai Kalaghoda desperate times call for desperate measures. These kittens kept themselves warm on the streets. Found them right at the Nukkad Urbanacupuncture Urbandairy