Its been pleasure to watch them marching at evening flag lowering ceremony at Wagha & Atari border of Pakistan🇩🇿 and India🇮🇳 . . Marching Indiansoldiers Bsf JaiHind Border Waghaatariborder IndianArmy Travelphotography Proudmoment Traveldiries Borderdiries Awesomeexperience 6degree Jawan Amritsardiaries Punjabdiaries Evening Canon760D Republicdayspecial Eveningflagloweringceremony IndianArmy Indiapakistanborder Proudtobeindian @stories.of.india
The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards Patriotism Flag Adult People Politics And Government Outdoors Real People Border Potrait Army Soldier Army India Indiansoldiers Realism Politics Wagahborder Wagah Boder Lahore Soldier Indiapakistanborder Live For The Story
Uniform Indiansoldiers Khakiuniform
"We are Indians , firstly and lastly." - Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Happy Republic day. Republicdayindia Republicindia Proudindian Indianconstitution Tricolor Indianflag IndianArmy Indiansoldiers Salutetonation Silhouette Bombshadow