132 year

Showcase: February CHIJMES formerly a 132 Year old Catholic Convent known as the Convent Of The Holy Infant Jesus is a dining, shopping, entertainment centre. A 132 year convent is nothing to most countries but modern Singapore only began when it was founded as a trading post of the east india company (the brits) in 1819 (197 years ago). I am a methodist and do not consider myself religious; however when I first stepped into CHIJMES less than 10 years ago, I was unexpectedly emotional. I don't go to CHIJMES often, but when I am there, I am always transported to a time when its corridors and rooms rang with the sounds of children's laughter. Architecture Gothic Central Business District EyeEm Gallery Eyeem Architecture Eyeemcollection Eyeemphotography The chapel is now a multipurpose hall (i saw it 2 days ago and it was very beautiful-did not know such a place existed in Singapore) and caldwell house (formerly the convent HQ) is now an art gallery. Both chapel and caldwell house are national monuments. Sacrilege