Looking over Wellington Harbour..... Sunset Sky Landscape Mountvictoria Wellington  New Zealand Newzealand Sunset_collection IPhone IPhoneography Iphone6s Iphoneonly NZ Mountvictorialookout Water Nature Water_collection New Zealand Scenery Coastline Trees Sea
Monestry Wellingtonnz Mountvictoria Orientalbay
View Mountvictoria Mountvictorialookout Wellingtonnz
Top of the town...... Mountvictoria Mountvictorialookout Wellington  New Zealand Newzealand IPhone IPhoneography Iphone6s Sunset Sky Iphoneonly Sunset_collection NZ Landscape
Mount Victoria Mountvictoria View From Above Skytower, Auckland. NZ. Sky And Clouds SkyTower Auckland City Hijabstyle  Devonport Harbourside North Girl
Waterfront reflections...... Sea Water Sky View Square Trees Iphone6s New Zealand Iphoneonly Mobilephotography Water_collection Nature_collection Cityscapes_collection Sunset_collection IPhone IPhoneography NZ Landscape Newzealand Autumn Colors Wellington  Waterfront Mountvictoria New Zealand Scenery
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My pretty city😃 Wellington  - New Zealand NZ New Zealand Scenery Water_collection Coastline Sunset_collection Water IPhone Iphoneonly IPhoneography Sunset Coast Newzealand Sea Sky Waterfront Orientalbay Landscape Mountvictoria Iphone6s Trees Beach Square View