Save Indonesia! Do not be too much to think that the way to save Indonesia is to provide the life / death, took up arms and fight against other nations. Actually, the easiest way to save Indonesia is to change the way we think. Always think of good things for Indonesia. Stop curse / blaspheme government, stop bullying others, stop cheating (corruption, collusion, nepotism), uphold honesty and conscience, to maximize all the capabilities that we have and provide the best in science - education - economic-entertainment - health - technology - politics - marketing - agriculture - law, etc. Brings the name of Indonesia to the world. Don't do any lie and always uphold the truth. Yes, simple as that. Let us save the Indonesia. Photograph by @emipapieri Wardrobe by @knpcloth SAVEINDONESIA Knpclothes Simplethink BlessingIndonesia Gkkdjogja Firecommunity DECEMBER2015