'Diving Deeper - Pranayama and Meditation Foundations' a Yoga workshop with Ishwara at LuckyElephantYoga , Hamilton, Bermuda. 11:30 am to 1pm. Sunday Nov 15th Free to members or $35 We will explore the relationship between 1. Wellness and cellular oxygenation 2. Stress and over thinking 3. The solar plexus and self worth 4. Breath retention and oxygen saturation 5. Meditation and acceptance All Through the fundamentals of breathwork, pranayama and Meditation first principles. I hope that you will join us and see for yourself the importance of the softer Yogas for inner peace and a long healthy life. Yogainbermuda LuckyElephantYoga Yoga Yogaworkshop Health Pranayama Prana Yoga Meditation Bermuda Hamilton Oxygenation Cellularbody Vitality Solarplexuschakra Sokarplexus