Ever wondered what is the secret of a truly blessed and contented family? One of the secrets is the way you treat one another. Join us in NEMC's Ramadhan Youth Camp and discover how to inculcate the gems of the beautiful akhlak our prophet SAW has shown to his family. Make this Ramadhan the most beautiful one yet for you and your beloved family! Nemcryc15 Share share share!
Hey Beautiful.. This is the moment you have been waiting for! Presenting.. North East Mosque Cluster - Ramadan Youth Camp 2015! Come join us in this 3D2N camp where we'll have exciting activities such as Running NEMC, HTHT with Ustaz @mochpfizer as well as Ramadan Rovers! This is absolutely a camp not to be missed! What are you waiting for? Sign up now at See you at ‪Nemcryc15 may want to download the form online and print it, then submit it personally to any of NEMC mosque (Alkaff Kg Melayu, Al-Mawaddah, Ennaeem, Darul Ghufran, Al-Istighfar, Al-Istiqamah, Hj Yusof & Al-Islah), with the payment! :))
Standby people.. NEMC RYC 2015 Insha'Allah.. Nemcryc15 Nemcryc2015