May peace be upon you!! We, at 360 Operations would like to express our appreciation for your generous support in Operation Rohingya Relief. Your contribution will be incredibly helpful in allowing the people of Rohingya; a glimpse of hope to lead a better life. From 17th May-24th May 2015, we managed to collect SGD7300. We will proceed promptly in the transfering of funds and admin matters to our liason NGO. However, we seek your understanding that such administrative procedures take time to process and reach them directly. We will update on our page once everything has been finalised. Food Aid Foundation Rakyat4rakyat Thank you again to all donors and contributors. May God rewards you abundantly for all the efforts that you have made to support our humanitarian work. Ameen. 360opsrelief 360operations OpsRohingyaRelief
We have seen and read the news of the Rohingya people fleeing for their lives yet ended up that no countries willing to take them in. We are pleased and thankful that we are able to assist the Rohingya refugees who are stranded in the sea and in the refugee camps in Malaysia via Food Aid Foundation and Rakyat4rakyat. Funds will be used to purchase food supplies, life jackets and medical supplies for the refugees. Food Aid Foundation has informed us if they are unable to reach the refugees in sea, they will channel the funds to purchase the items for the refugees already in the camps. Let's help those who are in desperate needs. Thank you very much in advance and may your efforts be rewarded. ‪OpsRohingyaRelief PrayForRohingya 360opsrelief 360operations