Why so concrete? (3) Architecture Architecturelovers Concrete City CityOfJoy Kolkata Blackandwhite _ccal
|| Ghost Town || . . Lighttrails Slowshutter Experimentwithcamera Zebracrossing Middleoftheroad Canon VSCO Vscoindia Vscocam Vscokolkata _oye _soi _cic _ccal Calcuttacacophony Sokolkata Everydaykolkata Igerskolkata Ig_calcutta Onlyinbengal Onlyinkolkata Ig_kolkata Streetphotography Citylights Carlights kolkatatraffic NightLife NightLifeinKolkata EveningDiaries GhostTown
Old is gold... These hand-driven rickshaws will never be old in our very own city,Calcutta and will always be found in the by lanes of North Kolkata depicting its old culture and heritage... . . Taken during the Streets of Calcutta Amazon India Photo Walk under guidance of the curator Soumya sir @ssghosal and our team leader @deckle_edge . . Soc _soi Calcutta _ccal _cic Calcuttacacophony CalcuttaUncut Northkolkata Bylanesofnorthkolkata Bylanesofindia Retro Rickshaws Old Woodentyres Ig_india Indiapictures Instaedit Instafilter
Kolkata diAries. Architecture Old Building Concrete Cityscape Kolkata _ccal Blackandwhite Kolkatadiaries CityOfJoy
I've always had a fascination for TRAM...The more I see it I fell in love with my city ~ Kolkata. On this note read my new blog about TRAMS... Link in my bio :) Trams Cablecar Kolkata CityOfJoy Calcutta Sokolkata _ccal _soi _cic Ig_calcutta Calcuttacacophony Onlyinbengal Clickindiaclick Bnw_india Bnw Bnw_captures Monochrome Indiapictures Monochromeindia Northkolkata VSCO Canon Vscocam Vscoindia Streetphotography soiwalks soc sob myshoeboxofphotographs
From a different view... Amen. Church StPaulscathedral Christian Jesuschrist Divinity Serenity Peace God Holy Calmness Calcutta Kolkata Ig_calcutta Ig_kolkata Kolkataigers Calcuttacacophony _soi _cic _ccal Sokolkata ChristianDiaries Calcuttadiaries CalcuttaChurchDiaries MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Mypixeldiary Wanderlust Heaven Amen
Adinath Ashram. It's about 350 years old. We located it on our Amazon India Photowalk organised by Streets of Calcutta by Soumya Sir @ssghosal and Sammya da @deckle_edge as our team leader. Thanks to Sammya da for co-operating with the lady who gave us some decent information about the place and also making us feel comfortable to take different shots. . . . Soc _soi SOB Indiapictures Kolkata Northkolkata CalcuttaUncut Photography Sokolkata Calcuttacacophony _ccal India_clicks Soi_bnw Instagram Storiesofindia Onlyinbengal Exploringindia Incredibleindia _cic Canon VSCO Vscocam Architecture Monochrome Monochromeindia bnw bnw_captures igers igrammingindia ig_Calcutta
| | Calcutta Streets | | . . Ig_calcutta Calphotos Calcuttadiaries Kolkatadiaries Kolkataigers Streetphotography Calcuttakiss Morningdelight SOB Sokolkata Soc _soi _cic Ig_daily Streetsofkolkata Northkolkata Calcuttacacophony _ccal Calcuttakiss Calcuttachronicles
Amar shohor Kolkata (My City Kolkata) . . Kolkata MyCityOfJoy Kolkatadiaries Ig_calcutta HowrahBridge CalcuttaUncut _ccal Whpmyoasis Sokolkata WassupKolkata Indiapictures Instagram Canon VSCO Vscocam MyShoeboxOfPhotographs
|| Clicking India Clicking || . . Silhouette PeopleinSilhouette Sunset Kolkata Calcutta Calcuttakiss CalcuttaBliss Camera Click_india_click Sunkissed Sunsetsky Reflection Glitering Water People HumansofCalcutta Ghat Sokolkata GhatsofKolkata Ig_calcutta Calphotos _soi _cic _ccal _adi oye
"Peela taxi" (Yellow cabs) Just another rainy day in Kolkata... . . Kolkata Calcutta CityOfJoy Cabs KolkataCabs Yellowtaxi Calcuttastreets Indiapictures Lonelyplanetindia Ig_calcutta Calcuttachutzpah Calcuttakiss Rainkissed Calcuttacacophony _soi _cic _ccal Streetphotography Streetsofcalcutta Indiaclicks NGTDailyShot Sokolkata RainyDay Mobileclick Ig_daily CalcuttaRains MyShoeBoxOfPhotographs
"Aj chuti tai aj lyadh khai" ( Today is Holiday, so its leisure time) Subho Bishawkarma Pujo !! This is one of the picture of a day in Kolkata when its Holiday :) . . . Leisure Mornings Festival FestivalOfIndia Holiday Ig_calcutta Streetphotography _soi _cic _ccal Calcutta Kolkata Calcuttachutzpah Calcuttacacophony Indiapictures MyShoeboxOfPhotographs SOB Soc Sokolkata Morningdiaries
"you can call me anything you want.. " Building Bnw_life Bnw_planet Bnw Architecture Architectureporn Symmetry Sokolkata Eutopia Bnw_society Ig_calcutta _ccal _soi _ Creativity Kolkata Instagram Arcticmonkeys
"It's not how old you are,it's how you are old" . . Old Oldage Bnw Soi_bnw Bnw_captures Bnw_india Monochrome Monochromeindia Storiesofindia Instagram Insta Potrait Soc _soi _ccal _cic Calcutta CalcuttaUncut Click_india_click Calcuttacacophony Canon VSCO Vscocam MyShoeboxOfPhotographs
The Sun always shines above the clouds ... . . Cloudporn Clouddiaries Sunset Calcutta CalcuttaUncut _ccal _cic Pattern Fluffy Rooftop
Stoned!! Instagram Creative Art Artsy Nature Colorful Colors _soi _ccal Desi_diaries Kolkatadiaries Kolkata Sokolkata
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a TRAIL... . . Lighttrails Carlights Roads Rooftop Slowshutter Fireworks Manual SouthKolkata Calcutta Ig_calcutta Calphotos Ig_daily Indiapictures India_91 Instagram India_clicks _cic _ccal _soi SOB Soc Sokolkata Canon Vscoindia VSCO vscocam Wanderlust
"Hell, covering all with its gloomy vapors, has cast shadows on even the holiest eyes." ~ Jean Racine . . HowrahBridge Kolkata Calcutta Ig_calcutta Ig_kolkata RabindraSetu Gloomyday  CalcuttaRains Calcuttacacophony Calcuttakiss _soi _ccal _cic Indiapictures Sokolkata Iglobal_photographers Ig_daily Ig_india Instagram Everydaykolkata MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Mypixeldiary Canon VSCO Vscocam vscoindia Wanderlust
"If only you knew how much I admire you.. "Ig_calcutta Sokolkata _ccal _soi Streetsofindia Kolkatadiaries Kolkata_igers Night Colorful River Ganges Incredible India