Today's bento features a delicious burrito, with chicken, cheddar, salad, homegrown sprouts, spring onions, sour cream and some BBQ sauce - yummy πŸ˜‹ Bento Burrito Shredded Chicken Shreddedchicken Cheddar Cheese Salad Springonion Homegrown Sprouts Homegrownsprouts Sourcream Bbqsauce Sauce Lunch Lunchtime Food Foodie Foodporn Homecooked Homemadefood Cooking Blogger_LU Yummy delicious
Prepping up for dinner. Dinner Preparing Food Diced Cutting Board Shreddedchicken Food Foodporn Red Bell Peppers Fresno Peppers Green Onion Garlic Cooking At Home Overland Park Kansas Showcase June
Snack time!!! Shreddedchicken Corn Beans Tomatoes onions salsa balsamicvinegar healthyoptions portioncontrol snacking icancook notasfancyasmybf lash
Eat pasta run fastaaaa!! 😹 BakedchickenmacNcheese Shreddedchicken LotsNlotsofCheese Creamy Sweetcorn Foodie Foodgasm Foodporn Foodstagram Foodsauraus Instafoodpost
After a fun yoga event, this is the dinner we had afterwards: butternut squash filled with shredded chicken in spicy enchilada sauce. To top it if off it was gratinated with some mozzarella. Very delicious πŸ˜ƒ ButternutSquash Pumpkin Pumpkins Chicken Shreddedchicken Sauce Hotsauce Hotsauceoneverything Spicyfood Spicy Enchiladas Enchiladasauce Mozzarella Mozzarellacheese Cheese Ovenmade Homemadefood Homemade Homecooked Cooking Homecooking SimpleCooking Healthychoices Healthyfood Food foodporn foodblogger blogger_lu