Derelict & abandoned

The car park made famous in the Michael Caine movie Get Carter. Abandoned, Disused Architecture Built Structure City, Parking Day Decay And Dereliction Derelict & Abandoned No People
Entryway, Building 31, former Naval Air Station, South Weymouth (Massachusetts) Building Exterior Architecture Façade Built Structure Door Outdoors No People Sky Day Snow Weathered Disused Building DISUSED Military Military Base Naval Base Architecture Damaged Low Angle View Boarded Up To Be Demolished Derelict Building Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Derelictplaces
Urbexphotography Scary Places Militarybase Abandoned Places Military Unit Urban Exploration Opuszczone Urbanexploration Ruined Buildings Urbexexplorer Discovering Derelict & Abandoned Military Base Ruin Lostplaces Derelict Lostplacephotography Urbanphotography Ruinded Building Derelict Building Abandoned & Derelict Abandoned Buildings Ruined Building Derelictplaces Poland
Tractor Old Tractor Abused Abandoned Forgotten Neglected Abandoned & Derelict Derelict Left Behind Old Building  Old Black & White Black And White Blackandwhite Derelict & Abandoned Rundown Old Ruin Old Cars Old Truck Taking Photos Overgrown
Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Industrial Building Exterior Building Architecture Architecture_collection Modern Architecture Modern Perspective Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung
Urbex Derelictplaces Lost Places Abandoned Urban Exploration Ruined Buildings Urbexphotography Derelict & Abandoned Urbanphotography Abandoned & Derelict Urbanexploration Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Lostplacephotography Derelict Building Abandonedplaces Military Base Urbexexplorer Ruined Building Ruined Derelict Poland Polska Discovering Opuszczone
Dissused Office Block Building Exterior Built Structure No People City Empty Space Derelict & Abandoned Derelictbuildings Tower Block  City Life Urban Skyline From My Window In Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Van art Travel Destinations Traveling Car Travel Tourist Attraction  Mexico Street Photography Street No People Building Exterior Derelict & Abandoned Graffiti Art Cathedral Sunray Sunrays_penetrating_clouds Grafitti Outdoors
Urbex Urbexphotography The OO Mission First Eyeem Photo Abandoned Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Decay Urbexexplorer Derelict Derelict Building Derelict & Abandoned Hello World Discovering Hello HelloEyeEm Hello EyeEm Ruins Ruins_photography Ruined Ruined Building
Door Sun Industrial Abandoned Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Abandonedbuilding Abandonedplaces Abandoned Factory Abandoned Building Abandonedplace Derelict Derelict Building Derelictplaces Derelict & Abandoned Derelictbuilding Derelictfactory
Ruins Ruins_photography Ruined Building Ruined Urbex Urbexphotography The OO Mission Medieval Architecture MedievalTown Medieval Hello EyeEm HelloEyeEm Hello Hello World Discovering Derelict & Abandoned Derelict Building Derelict Urbexexplorer Decay Abandoned & Derelict Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Land Landscape
Polska Poland Ruined Urban Exploration Derelict & Abandoned Urbexphotography Abandoned Scary Places Ruinded Building Urbanphotography Abandoned & Derelict Ruined Buildings Derelictplaces Urbanexploration Urbexexplorer Derelict Building Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Military Base Lost Place Ruined Building Abandonedplaces Discovering Opuszczone Lostplacephotography
After Hurricane Katrina Affected By The Storm Abandoned House Street Photography Decay And Dereliction Light And Shadow Contrast How Do We Build The World? Climate Change(global Warming) Hurricanekatrina New Orleans No People Side Of The Road Derelict & Abandoned Crumbling Building Telling Stories Differently The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards Feel The Journey Mein Automoment On The Way Fine Art Photography Home Is Where The Art Is The Magic Mission Monochrome Photography Adapted To The City Welcome To Black Long Goodbye Resist
Tree Plant Growth Nature Green Color No People Sky Outdoors Agriculture Close-up Greenhouse Day Mountain Miles Away Backpacking Travel Photography The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Rusty Abandoned Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Truck Old Old Cars Summer
Abandoned Architecture Birds Blue Building Exterior Built Structure Clear Sky Damaged Day Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Derelict Building Deterioration First Eyeem Photo Lifeboat No People Obsolete Outdoors Run-down She Shed
Opuszczone Discovering Ruinded Building Abandoned & Derelict Ruined Building Derelict & Abandoned Urbexphotography Scary Places Derelict Building Military Base Ruined Buildings Abandoned Places Urbanexploration Urbexexplorer Militarybase Lostplaces Lostplacephotography Ruined Derelictplaces Urbex Ruins Architecture Urbanphotography Abandoned Buildings Decay
'Do not answer a fool according to his own stupidity!' Derelictplaces Derelict & Abandoned 😔➡I'm posting this to my friends/followers as a response to the ridiculous accusations made against me from the last "host!" regarding the Bnw_friday_eyeemchallenge He boasts of ruining the challenge and accuses me of cowardice because (up until now) I haven't responded to his vitriolic pack of lies. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't understand the difference between a dignified silence and cowardice. I blocked this dud(e) for reasons that I'm fairly certain he would much rather I didn't post on here. ...His "message" and tags are so confused it's impossible to know exactly what he IS trying to accuse me of! ...Suffice to say I decided to unfollow and block him for his weird behaviour months ago. A decision that had nothing to do with any attempt to keep him away from the Bnw_friday_eyeemchallenge on the week I was hosting it (very recently)! ...It's impossible to reason with such twisted thinking. His strange and quite sneaky comments, (both on his own, and other's galleries) tell their own story with zero input necessary from me or anyone else. Make of this what you will. This is a simple statement of the facts, not a defence, since I have nothing (from his rantings) I need to defend. I do hope someone will take the initiative and restart this excellent weekly challenge very soon. Btw, thanks so much for all your great messages of congratulation for Greg & Mel. (The wedding day was wonderful) I've just received a message to say, "They've just landed in Mauritius" (their honeymoon destination) 🙏💙💖
Abandoned Hello EyeEm The OO Mission First Eyeem Photo HelloEyeEm Hello Hello World Discovering Fabrics Fabric Derelict Derelict Building Urbexexplorer Derelict & Abandoned Decay Abandoned & Derelict Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Urbexphotography Urbex Ruins_photography Ruined Nature Photography Land Landscape
This place has such a ghostly & desolate feel about it. Lead Mines from the 18th & 19th century are now Ruins in the ElanValley Wales UK. Metal Mining Derelict & Abandoned Derelict Derelict Building EyeEm Best Shots - Landscape The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards Exceptional Photographs Eye4photography  Love Is Stronger Than Hate
Ruinded Building Abandoned Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Urbexexplorer Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Military Unit Doorway Discovering Decay Urbexphotography Poland
Lost Place Ruinded Building Urbanphotography Abandoned & Derelict Urbanexploration Militarybuilding Urbexphotography Lostplacephotography Abandoned Buildings Taking Photos Taking Photos Urban Exploration Ruined Building Opuszczone Derelict Building Abandoned Places Abandonedplaces Discovering Derelict & Abandoned Ruined Buildings Abandoned Scary Places Urbexexplorer Militarybase Hello World
Urbex Urbexphotography The OO Mission First Eyeem Photo Abandoned Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Decay Urbexexplorer Derelict Derelict Building Derelict & Abandoned
Architecture Ballantine's Ballantines Black And White Black And White Photography Building Exterior Built Structure Day Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Derelict Building Distillery Dumbarton Grain Tower Low Angle View Mountain Nature No People Outdoors Sky
Stairs Ruinded Building Schody Abandoned Places Discovering Derelict & Abandoned Abandoned & Derelict Urbexexplorer Urbanexploration Ruined Buildings Military Base Derelictplaces Abandoned Budynek Ruined Building Urbexphotography Derelict Building Doorway Scary Places Lostplaces Militarybase Ruined
Driving around, Newtown CT... Door Doorway Window Windows Driving Around Smoke Stack Chimney Chimney Tops Brick Bricks Connecticut New England  Newtown Derelict Derelict Building Derelictplaces Derelict & Abandoned Abandoned Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Broken Window Broken Glass
Urbanexploration Urban Exploration Scary Places Ruined Building Derelict Lost Place Ruin Military Unit Creepy Derelict Building Urbex Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Urbexexplorer Lostplaces Derelictplaces Discovering Abandoned Places Urbanphotography Derelict & Abandoned Urbexphotography Abandoned & Derelict Ruined Buildings
Door Doors Doorporn Urbex Abandoned Buildings Urbexphotography Abandoned Places Abandoned & Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Urbexexplorer Derelict Building Derelict Abandoned Discovering Amnesia First Eyeem Photo Hello EyeEm Landscape Land Hello World Centenary  Decay Centenario HelloEyeEm Medieval Architecture
Poland Polska Ruin Ruined Ruined Building Military Unit Derelict & Abandoned Decay Opuszczone Creepy Ruined Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Architecture Urbexexplorer Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Derelict Abandoned Derelict Building Urbex Derelictplaces Discovering Scary Urbexphotography Lost Places
Polska Poland Military Base Lost Place Lost Places Lostplaces Scary Places Urbexphotography Scary Discovering Derelictplaces Urbex Derelict Derelict Building Opuszczone Abandoned Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Urbexexplorer Abandoned & Derelict Ruined Building Ruined Buildings Decay Derelict & Abandoned Military Unit
Some More... Misty Morning Misty Road Misty Sunrise Misty Day Misty Sky Derelict & Abandoned Mine On The Way The Journey Is The Destination
Taking Photos Overgrown Old Cars Old Ruin Rundown Derelict & Abandoned Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White Old Old Building  Left Behind Derelict Abandoned & Derelict Tractor Neglected Forgotten Abandoned Old Tractor Abused
Look Up Abandoned Abandoned Places Architecture Built Structure Clock Day Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Derelict Building Indoors  Library No People Technology Window
Steps Built Structure Steps And Staircases Architecture Staircase Old Buildings Old Ruins Abandoned Abandoned Places Sunset Building Exterior Concrete Concrete Stairs Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Stairs Built_Structure Stone Steps Derelict Derelict Building Derelict & Abandoned Ruin Ruined Building Ruined
Architecture Road Building Exterior Street Outdoors Tree Built Structure Day No People Clear Sky Sky City EyeEmNewHere Derelict Spaın Derelict Building Derelict & Abandoned
Abandoned Boat Clouds Cloudy Day Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Mode Of Transport Nautical Vessel No People Outdoors Rusted Ship Shipwreck Sky Sky And Clouds Transportation Water Wreck
Cabin in the woods...💀the dead of winter💀 Gettyimages Moodjunky Ominous Building Atmospheric Mood Mood Captures Hauntingly Beautiful RuralExploration Eye4photography  Nature's Diversities Beauty In Nature Abandoned House Derelict & Abandoned
Flower Day Built Structure Tree Outdoors Close-up Architecture No People Plant Building Exterior Growth Nature Branch Freshness Nature Plant Graffiti Derelict & Abandoned Wall - Building Feature Abandoned Abandoned Buildings Thistle Derelict Derelict Building
Ruined Building Urbanphotography Derelict Building Lostplacephotography Lostplaces Ruined Buildings Urban Exploration Ruinded Building Urbexexplorer Ruin Militarybase Abandoned Places Urbanexploration Poland Polska Military Base Abandoned Buildings Derelict & Abandoned Abandoned & Derelict Scary Places Urbexphotography Lost Places Derelictplaces Discovering
Derelict Derelict Building Derelictplaces Derelict & Abandoned Built Structure Building Exterior Architecture Low Angle View Wood - Material Reflection Relections Abandoned & Derelict Abandoned Window EyeEm EyeEmBestPics Streetphotography Walking Around Sreet Photography No People House Outdoors Reflection_collection EyeEm Gallery
Fabrics Centenario Centenary  Urbexphotography Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Decay Derelict & Abandoned Derelict Building Urbexexplorer Derelict Discovering Hello World First Eyeem Photo Abandoned Hello EyeEm HelloEyeEm Scary Fabric Land Landscape The OO Mission Paper Rock
Abandoned Abandoned & Derelict Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Architecture Blackandwhite Built Structure Derelict Derelict & Abandoned Derelict Building Deterioration Field Grass Landscape Mono Monochromatic Monochrome Monochrome_life Monochrome_Monday Non-urban Scene Run-down Rundown Rural Scene Unused
Architecture Deterioration Weathered Obsolete No People Derelict & Abandoned Urbexphotography Abandoned Neglected Falling Apart Asbestos Urbexjunkies Oklahoma Urbex Delapidated Urbanexploration Abandoned America Urbexphotography Damaged Close-up Beauty Of Decay TakeoverContrast
Dissused office block Building Exterior Architecture City Cityscape Cityscapes Multi Storey Tower Block  Derelict & Abandoned Derelictbuildings Empty Space From My Window in Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K
Architecture Brick Wall Building Built Structure Close-up Day Exterior Focus On Foreground Fresh On Eyeem  Full Frame No People Orange Color Outdoors Red Repetition Residential Building Derelict Derelict Building Derelictplaces Derelict & Abandoned Traffic Lights NYC Street Photography NYC Photography
Abandoned offices, Bromley by Bow Eyem_abandonment Abandoned Derelict Offices Derelict & Abandoned Derelict
Water Reflection Tree House Outdoors Built Structure Architecture Building Exterior Nature No People Sky Day Puddle Beauty In Nature Riverside River View Riverside Photography Derelict & Abandoned
Abandoned boats Derelict & Abandoned Derelict London EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Gallery EyeEmBestPics Canal Walks River Landscapes First Eyeem Photo Landscape Northampton Northamptonshire
Driving around, Newtown CT... Smoke Stack Chimney Chimney Tops Brick Bricks Connecticut New England  Newtown Derelict Derelict Building Derelictplaces Derelict & Abandoned Abandoned Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Broken Window Broken Glass Driving Around Windows Window Doorway Door
Blackandwhite Abandoned Blanco Y Negro Outdoor Derelict & Abandoned Abandoned Buildings
Architecture Built Structure Pier Burn Derelict & Abandoned Brighton And Hove West Pier, Brighton