Because some things sometimes aren't ours to hold,but just beautiful to listen to.:Turquoise Silence ☔ Nofilter Beautiful Winter Rain Droplets Night Walk Scene Lucknowdiaries Streetlight Rays Electricity  LettingGo Solitaryconfinement EnjoyYourOwnCompany Instadaily Instagood Instalike Randomness
Even though my life is tougher now, I am much happier. And today was definitely a mentally tough day. Reason being, today was my 9th anniversary, and even though we are going through a divorce, we are still legally married. I think to myself,this is not how i imagined my marriage, nor my life to be. But everything happens for a reason. I have began learning who i, Lea, really am. I have began loving who i am more and learning how everyone has flaws, and how to admire them more often. And to stop being so scared of being alone. I'm learning i like myself enough to be alone with just myself. And its pretty darn great. Lovelife EnjoyYourOwnCompany LearningToLoveMyselfAgain BeComfortableInYourSkin LiveAndLetDie = epic