Visiting my city

A tail's tale. About Today Visiting My City Public Library
Runners, dogs and the fountain of Tlaloc. He was the god of rain from ancient aztecs. This is a fabulous tribute fountain in the main park of Mexico City. Tree Real People Domestic Animals Riding Outdoors Women One Animal Dog Day Mammal Pets People Adult Mexico City Cdmx Visiting My City
aerial view of sand island and downtown honolulu Flying Aerial View Mobile Photography Airplane Visiting My Home Town Honolulu  Going Home Clouds And Sky Urban Skyline Mid-air Oahu Visiting My City Landscape Aircraft Wing Scenics Outdoor Photography Mountains And Sky Neighborhood Map Let’s Go. Together.
Visiting My City San Angel Old Mansion Mexico City
This is Palacio de Bellas Artes. Visiting My City Marble Palace Mexico City About Today
A classic morning breakfast. Downtown Mexico City Sanborns Azulejos Visiting My City