Committed to get the shot at Luna Rossa Headquarter. Lunarossaprada Sardinia Sardegna Italy  Lunarossa Videoproduction Coldfocus
Woorking with Luna Rossa baby! Lunarossa Lunarossaprada Coldfocus
Location scouting day 3. This is the man!Coldfocus RedBull Videoproduction Catania Acitrezza
Helsinki by night. Filming Snowboarding with Juha Blid. Coldfocus Videoproduction
Set day! Coldfocus Videoproduction Redcamera R3D
Toy of the day! ciaoo! Coldfocus R3D  Redcinema Redcamera
Coldfocus Freespace Oneflower
Coldfocus Freespace Oneflower
Editing time. The5thsun Documentary Cinematography Editing Videoediting Coldfocus
Way back. Sea Enjoying The Sunset Coldfocus Videoproduction Lunarossa Sardinia Sardegna Italy
Elita Design Week Festival, day4. Moovie Elita Musicfestival Design Samsungcamera NX1 Imagelogger Coldfocus
Sunrise by Baikal Lake! Siberia Lake Baikal Coldfocus
Editing The 5th Sun documentary. Border between kyrgyzstan and China. The5thsun Documentary Stars Coldfocus Videoproduction Milkyway
If you happen to be in Estonia, don't miss our documentary Siberia Teaches. It will be aired on Kanal12 on monday the 27th at 22:25. Coldfocus Documentary Siberia Snowboarding Snowboard Urbansnowboarding
Ekaterinburg at its most beauty. filming for Siberia Teaches documentary. Snowboarding Ekaterinburg Streetsnowboarding Coldfocus Documentary Siberia Siberiateaches Winter
Editing our new documentary. Coldfocus Documentary The5thsun Videoproduction
Irkutsk, Siberia, filming for Siberia Teaches documentary. Irkutsk Siberia Siberia Teaches Documentary Coldfocus
shooting time. Videoproduction Coldfocus Movi CameraWork Equipment
Shooting few days ago with Chefrubio for Deafcinema. Coldfocus Videoproduction Fimmaking Sonyfs700
Back to the roots. Coldfocus Videoproduction Snowboarding Oldlogo
Brothers! Dji Phantom Djironin Coldfocus Sardinia Sardegna Italy  Videoproduction Pradalunarossa Lunarossaprada
Siberia Teaches Coldfocus Documentary Lake Baikal Videographer
Baikal lake -45°. Shooting with the photographer Andrea Schiliro' for the documentary Siberia Teaches. Videoproduction Documentary Coldfocus Siberia Teaches Lake Baikal
graphics for our old snowboard movie Ruggine 2.5td Snowboard Snowboardmovie Videoproduction Graphic Design Illustration Coldfocus
Ekaterinburg. Our DOP Ope trying to organize some films during the shooting of Siberia Teaches documentary. Siberia Teaches Siberia 16mm Film Filmcamera Documentary Ekaterinburg Colors Coldfocus Dop
Selfie of the filmer at Alacati for the Windsurfing World Cup. Windsurfing Alacati Turkey Coldfocus
Deep winter on the transsiberian railroad. Siberia Siberia Teaches Documentary Videoproduction Coldfocus
Spring Attitude 2015 - day1 at Maxxi Museum. Springattitude2015 Springattitude Coldfocus
Helsinki office. Office Coldfocus Videoproduction
Check the video recap we made out of Springattitude2015 music festival on Coldfocus Videoproduction Sa2015 Springattitude
Graffiti Details Colors Coldfocus Lettering Toolsfkz