Park Inn by Radisson

Switcharoo by @eddiethink during first session off the plane at Vertattack7 . Resting in my room, going over posts from a great weekend skating with some of the greatest Pros, Ams, Young guns, and Masters in the world. Thanks Eddie, thank you Jmag Thankyouskateboarding
Look who I found still hanging out at our old hotel, @pfurnee, Hankthebigreddog ! Vertattack memories continue.
Vert Attack will be going live with qualifiers for the junior division in 40 minutes. Then Pro/Open. Masters quals are later to let us old men sleep in a bit. I get to rest until the semis tomorrow - early 11 am local time - so like 3am California time.
Some rooms got more attention than others....
@dpdisaster gives a fuck.