Capturedbyvictorious Now... in Technicolor... somewhere in Brooklyn.. Makelemonade Naturebeautiful Deadhomies Stopandsmelltheflowers Snowbirds Canon5dmarkiii Lastnightonearth Cemetaryshots Pleasedontsteal Toolateisntit Itsallintheeyeschico
Capturedbyvictorious LastWeeksShoot Monochromeporn Canonporn Gimmemine Blackandwhiteisworththefight Shoefetish Lastnightonearth Ig_monochrome Legfetish
Bilal Capturedbyvictorious . Nopresspass as usual... so I was asked to leave as soon as I pulled out the 2470mm .. security nor the promoter believed I was NOT taking these shots for a major pub. I was able to get 8 shots in.. IShootBlackAndWhite and shots 1-3 were pure basura this is shot 4 . I like live music photography because with the smoke, the lights, the movement ? You really have to know your camera.. you have to learn the artist's rhythm. .you have to have good reaction time.. you have to "get lucky" .. and shooting monochrome? Smh but Blackandwhiteisworththefight Bilal Lastnightonearth Monochromeporn Canon5dmarkiii Livemusicphotographer Itsallintheeyeschico
Capturedbyvictorious this vibe of warrior scholar @hasansalaam aka @kingnoire on the set of his Scars Over Scars video shoot (directed by me) Big up to the Jersey Crew 5thColumn Capturedbyvictoriousdecosta Lastnightonearth Revolutionary RBG Canon5dmarkiii DSLR Prosumer Viperrecords Hasansalaam Monochrome PeaceToTheGods Nofilter PoorRighteousTeachers Lifeinblackandwhite IShootBlackAndWhite Jerseycity Teaneck Bergencounty Atlanticcity Camden Raptivist Raptivism Photoexhibition photoexhibit capturedbyvictoriousdecosta
Its been a long time. The soul of Harlem 2016 Lastnightonearth Capturedbyvictorious IFeelLikeImBack OneTwoFive 125th Westside Nycnightlife Monochromeart ImfromBrooklynTho IShootBlackAndWhite this time naw tho. Blackandwhiteisworththefight Soulfood MorningSide Grantprojects Harlem  Mandgsoulfood CapsuleNyc
Capturedbyvictoriousdecosta Love this dude.. love this shot. the lights and the fogger was messing wit me, but Blackandwhiteisworththefight and so some how I captured @joellortiz in his olympian shot put stance. Live at @wickbrooklyn thank you to the homie @d1style Exhibitsooncome Capturedbyvictorious WayToHuman IShootBlackAndWhite Joellortiz Canon5dmarkiii Peterparkerflow Nopresspass Nophotopass Olympicpose Livemusicphotography Canonporn Monochromeart Lastnightonearth Yaowa Yaowah Williamsburg Eastwilliamsburg Willyb i mean Bushwick Brooklyn
Capturedbyvictorious Filming "Meet Me" with @raye6 and @kappatanabe . up in somebody forest I think. Blackandwhiteisworththefight but yesterday was a Worldintechnicolor - Raye6 Universe6 Canon5dmarkiii Naturalista Soulmusic Indiefilmmaker Blackwomenrock Leatherjacketfromgrease Lastnightonearth
Capturedbyvictorious June 27, 2015 . Okay Player Presents: A night at The Blue Note with @skyzoothewriter .., only cuz my last post was Bilal, I feel its only right to unleash this Skyzoo pic.. buy Musicformyfriends and you'll know what I mean Skyzoo Livemusicphotography Brooklyn Guerillaphotography Monochromejunkie Blackandwhiteisworththefight Canon5dmarkiii Okayplayer BrooklynsFinest Nophotoshop Fgr Nycnightlife IShootBlackAndWhite PhotographyPorn Lastnightonearth Capturedbyvictoriousdecosta NyKnicks
Capturedbyvictoriousdecosta on June 12 2015 Res (@the1res)  at The Blue Note Jazz Festival. JillNewmanProductions Bluenotejazzfestival Soulmusic Thesoundofphiladelphia Nopresspass Livemusicphotography Canon5dmarkiii Guerillaphotographer IShootBlackAndWhite Blackandwhiteisworththefight Nophotoshop Res Blackwomenrock Blackgirlsrock Liveperformance MonochromePhotography Capturedbyvictorious Lastnightonearth
@raye6 Capturedbyvictorious backstage before performance at Brooklyn Academy Of Music Raye6 Universe6 BamCafe Afrostyle WeSitAtBigTables Blackandwhiteisworththefight Lioness IShootBlackAndWhite Monochromeporn Soulmusic Blackwomenrock Blackgirlsrock HappyToBeNappy Soulsister Canonshooters Tealife Liptonstea Freelancephotographer Naturalista Slimthick BrooklynAcademyOfMusic Lastnightonearth
Capturedbyvictorious - The Light loves Singer @melamachinko and so does the eye. Photo Exhibit soon come. Lastnightonearth BrooklynBlues Nowforthehashtags Monochromeporn Canon5dmarkiii Naturallightphotographer IShootBlackAndWhite Itsallintheeyeschico Naturalhairdaily Blackphotography Canonporn Blackwomenrock Blackandwhiteisworththefight Blackgirlsrock Livemusicphotography Capturedbyvictoriousdecosta Grapegate MonochromePhotography Naturalista
Women Who Inspire You Grandma Lastnightonearth Stillsmiling Strongwoman 91 Insipartion Bigsmile😁😘
Oneofthosenights Capturedbyvictorious Lastnightonearth Voyeurism NightNurseOnlyYouAloneCanQuenchThisHereThirst IShootBlackAndWhite Fetish Blackandwhiteisworththefight Fantasyflight Naturalista Monochromeporn Miaminights Sexylocs Jetsettingjasmine Kingnoire Sensuality Locsappreciationday Tightsappreciation Naturotica
a moment I Captured at ( @chelseareject ) Chelsea Reject's show at the Converse Store In Soho. Early next year, I will be manifesting an exhibit called "Last Night On Earth" - but b4 then I will be dropping some of the 'B Roll' here on I.G. Copyright- Victorious DeCosta 2015 ChelseaReject Capturedbyvictoriousdecosta Lastnightonearth Converse Cmplx Rejectnation Canon5dmarkiii IShootBlackAndWhite Duckdownrecords Canonporn Livemusicphotography Capturedbyvictorious
Flatbushavenue Dystopia Blackandwhiteisworththefight Capturedbyvictorious Lastnightonearth Makethehoodbetter Cortelyourd Beverlyrd Lenoxrd Clarendonrd 37deep
"life is a series of serious choices Theories is formed from experience, never mysterious forces.  Various courses of life can lead to failure. Too much of anything is a trap.My mind snap" - Tormentedsouls Capturedbyvictorious FilmLife Lastnightonearth Canonporn Blackandwhiteisworththefight Monochromephoto
Music Playlist Unicorn Newrelease LastNight Earth Lastnightonearth
Capturedbyvictorious I take them emotionally... Itsallintheeyeschico but it is also my Healingmagic It's been 5 years and I still cant look at a bathroom sink the same... last night I found it tough to power through. for the first time, I sat and spoke to the energy and idea of him that lives within me. (No he didnt talk back lmaoo) at least not in the classic sense. But last night I did a whole lot of forgiving of myself.. Movingon Heartstillbroken Healingmagic Blackandwhiteisworththefight IShootBlackAndWhite Lastnightonearth MonochromePhotography Faucet
ALICE SMITH dope aint she? Capturedbyvictorious Lastnightonearth Livemusicphotography IShootBlackAndWhite Freelancephotographer Nopresspass . Blackandwhiteisworththefight Livemusicrocks Alicesmith VictoriousWasHere Monochromeporn MonochromePhotography Canonporn Canon5dmarkiii Boweryballroom
Still photo from a short narrative I am working on called The Kitchen .. It's a dirty game. The only way to win it is to change it. If you are going to be risking your freedom, you might as well fight for it too. Do you hustle for monetary gain or social change? Dont the drugs sell themselves? What they need U for? Either way, be safe out there. Indiefilmmaker Capturedbyvictorious Eventhoughwhatwedoiswrong IShootBlackAndWhite Lastnightonearth Canonporn Justsayno Blackandwhiteisworththefight Decriminalize Whitegirl  DoYOUparty Besafetho HustlersAmbition Drugssellthemselves HustleAndWin
Capturedbyvictorious The One and Only Bilal. ( @bilalMusic ) I wasnt able to take pics here apparently ( Nopresspass ). I only got six shots off before I got the hand on my shoulder and the mutumbo finger wave. all good, because this great moment was one of the six. Blackandwhiteisworththefight PhotographyPorn Bilal IShootBlackAndWhite Nopresspass Lastnightonearth Guerillaphotography Liveperformance Capturedbyvictoriousdecosta Freelancephotographer Livemusicphotography Nycnightlife JillNewmanProductions Nophotoshop Notevenmad . Okayplayer
Somewhere in East New york. Feeling myself a bit. Art is all around.. but sometimes you have to push it along to see it. YO close my door. Capturedbyvictorious Itsallintheeyeschico Lastnightonearth IShootBlackAndWhite Grafflife Blackandwhiteisworththefight JamesBaldwin WhyWeWrite Monochromeporn Streetart Snowstorm2016
Capturedbyvictorious the Diabolical Bizmarkie . I captured this moment at the old site of Albeesquaremall last month at Ralphmcdaniels even My Exhibit " Lastnightonearth is coming to a town near you in 2016 . Canon5dmarkiii Capturedbyvictorious Livemusicphotography IShootBlackAndWhite Monochromeporn Turntable 45rpm Vinylculture MonochromePhotography PhotographyPorn Djporn Indiefilmmaker LiveMusic Concert
Zombie zombie zombies Lastnightonearth