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For my son.....we are both allergic to bee's! :) lol! But if you understand them ..... they are 1 of the least bugs to worry about! Don't bother them, and they usially do not jother you! :) Mothernature Simple Moment Flower Collection Flowers,Plants & Garden EyeEm Flower EyeEm Nature Lover Southern California Bugs_life Close Up Everyday Education
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"WATER IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF ALL NATURE." Da Vince. We have quite the shortage this year in southern cali! Hard to watch the flowers and bugs suffer! Us humans, we consciously make choices ....they do not! Bugs_life Close Up EyeEm Flower EyeEm Nature Lover Southern California Everyday Education Mothernature Check This Out Trying Something New Flowers,Plants & Garden
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