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The lifeblood of the NSW outback, beautiful reflections along the Darling River belies the truth of a stagnant dying river. The result of both long term upstream drought and controversial water use policies, the Darling stopped flowing earler this year south of Wilcannia and the once great Menindee Lakes dried up. Like sentinels from another age, the ancient Red River gums that line the banks are in many cases over 800 years old. Kinchega National Park, Outback New South Wales, Australia. Cloudy Darling River Kinchega National Park Menindee Lakes Murray Darling Basin NSW Australia Outback NSW Red River Gum Wilcannia Cloud - Sky Lifebloodofchampions Nature Nsw Outback Australia Outdoors Red River Gums Reflection River Sky Stagnant Stagnant Water Tranquil Scene Tree Very Still Water
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