all photos are my own. living off grid as often as I can. Instagram neilty79 no watts app or other chat apps so please don't ask.
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leisure activity
looking at camera
Boats in river
Portrait of girl
Low section of person relaxing on lakeshore
Portrait of young woman
Silhouette of birds flying over lake
Silhouette of trees at sunset
Portrait of a young man
Scenic view of mountains against cloudy sky
Close-up of cropped hand holding pebbles
Sun shining over landscape
Young man standing in the dark
Horse standing on field against sky
Low angle view of old ruin building
Low angle view of abandoned building
Dragonfly on river against trees
Rear view of woman walking on steps
Scenic view of calm lake at sunset
Close-up of man holding hands
Portrait of young woman looking away
River amidst trees in forest against sky
Scenic view of lake at sunset
Close-up of stones
Woman standing on lakeshore
Reflection of houses in water
Rear view of mother and son standing on snow
Reflection of built structure in water
Silhouette trees by swimming pool against sky during sunset
Portrait of a young woman
High angle view of woman standing on tiled floor
Portrait of young woman at home
Bridge over river amidst trees
Close-up of seagull perching outdoors
Scenic view of dramatic sky during sunset
Portrait of young woman
Woman standing on tree trunk
Close-up of hand holding yellow flowers
Portrait of cute girl
Scenic view of sea against sky