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Grape picking, day 3: finished early, because La Pluie . Rainy Afternoon. Un Ourse Qui Peche
Melancholic Landscapes. Thüringer Wald . Foggy . Walking Home .
Vide Grenier . Flea Market . King And Queen .
Late Summer . Vines . Look Up
Floortraits . Shoes In The Wild . Walking Home .
Crossroads . Experimenting. Sign . Walking Home .
Sunset across the Street .
Look Up And Thrive. France, Dordogne, Périgueux. L'abeille - the Bee
Look Up And Thrive Lyon France Musée Des Confluences Abstract
That's A Wrap . Map . Ich kaufe ein h und löse. Walking Home Floortraits
Right Place Right Time . Dogs on a Roof . Walking Home Pets Corner
Oysters , The Sea is delicious. Walking Home Yum!
The Sea that lives inland: La Gironde . Walking Home
Nooo! Polly, the Trolley , and I are having our first serious Crisis . But I know she wants to Reach The Ocean as much as I do. Pull through, Polly!
good morning, Jesus ! Walking Home Balcony Tibetan Prayer Flags
Where Are You Going? Walking Home
so apparently this is it: The Most German Of All Places . note the rain and the background on the left. Walking Home
Tonight I'm paying: It's a Hostel in a flipping Fortress overlooking the Deutsches Eck . Geeking Out
when the gods put a coffee roaster in a little village outside Marburg right into my path to Koblenz What Can I Do other than have Coffee? Walking Home
Am I Paranoid or are these Grey Clouds just waiting for me to leave the bus stop hut to start to Rain Down On Me? Walking Home
Guten Morgen :) (Zimmervermietung Schumann, direkt gegenüber vom Eingang zur Marienkirche)
where I did my Lunch Break today. not very comfy but lovely spot by the lake.
Breakfast with a view.
et voilà, Breakfast Smoothie : 1 Grape Fruit, 1 Banana, some Line Seed, some Honey, a bit of water. Yummy ! Drink By The Window
Liebe - Notes Of Berlin Love Street Photography Street Art Sticker Pink
Rock'n'balloons 30 Seconds To Mars Balloons Concert Music Atmosphere Light Show
A Gift Matchbox Graffiti Art Drawing Girl Love Monochrome Black And White
Tag Des Offenen Denkmals
Already Fall?  Cafe Outside Blankets Sitting Lonely Pastel Colors
Most Beautiful  streak of Rainbow going down over Berlin
Paradise Feet Summer Water Heat Cooling Off Summertime Pool Simple Pleasures
What Better Way Of Saying Happy Birthday Than With A Blinking Heart On A Cake Heart Candy Love Happy Birthday!