Worlds Worst Selfies

Selfie time! Walking around Dresden in nice sunny weather, you will see many people hanging their nice precious phones on nice extending selfie sticks, posing for nice smiling selfies in front of nice old-fashioned backgrounds. We thought we don't need any of this fancy stuff. :-) - MAinLoveWithFreedom and Little Girl Fooling Around Having Fun Fun #funnyfaces Selfie Selfies Selfie Time Worlds Worst Selfies Monochrome Black And White Black & White Bnw Bnw_collection Bnw_captures Bnw_life Bnw Photography Children Children Photography Childhood Different Perspective How I Feel At Times How I See People How I See The World VanessArt - 17.08.2016
World's Worst Mirror Selfie (and proud of it) - MAinLoveWithLife VanessArt Worlds Worst Selfies Selfiefun #GX7
Duo distortio - MAinLoveWithFreedom Having Fun Fooling Around Distorted Distorted Faces Twisted Fun Portrait Worlds Worst Selfies RePicture Friendship - 09.08.2015
Just a boring day at the garage - MAinLoveWithLightAndShadow and a Little Girl Fooling Around in Mirror Selfie Worlds Worst Selfies Having Fun Enjoying Life Monochrome Black And White Black & White - 07.03.2015
The difference between standing and flying - MAinLoveWithFreedom Fooling Around in Standing vs. Flying Worlds Worst Selfies Mirror Selfies  Mirror Reflection Reflections Having Fun - 26.04.2015
We're only slightly distorted - MAinLoveWithYou and Little Girl Having Fun Fooling Around Just For Fun Selfie Mirror Mirror Selfie Worlds Worst Selfies Repicture Beauty - 04.07.2015