Let brands know you are #UpForCollab on EyeEm. Create a profile, share your work, and get exposure.

Tell The World You’re #UpForCollab

Has your creative work taken a hit due to COVID-19? We’ve created the new #UpForCollab collection to support you. Join now to get exposure to the creative industry and the chance to sell images to brands.

Showcase Yourself Differently

By joining #UpForCollab you expose your creative self in a new way: through your EyeEm profile page and images of yourself at work. We will promote these images on our marketplace which global brands and agencies use every day. Giving you new reach and additional opportunities to make money.

Upload, Personalize, Tag.

Create your profile and add a short description to tell the world who you are, your professional experience, and what you are looking for. Upload a self-portrait and tag your image with #UpForCollab and other tags that describe your professional skills so we can find you. Once uploaded, our team will add images to the collection based on how you express yourself on your profile.

Make Money From Your Images

Once you’ve updated your profile, add more images to EyeEm Market for brands to license for their campaigns. Don’t forget to add the #UpForCollab tag to each image and double check our FAQs to make sure you have the right photo releases. 

Spread The Word

Help share the news about #UpForCollab with other creatives facing challenges right now. Use our free social media banners, profile photo stickers, and website graphics on your streams and sites. Let’s make this big together!

Need help?

Our FAQs explain how to set up your profile, our image review process, and the best way to get your commercial photos seen on EyeEm.