Zulkepli Darus


I am a casual photographer, taking picture of the family and things that attracted me. having smartphone ready for shooting..
lantern theme
I-City Malaysia
theme park
I-CITY light
Flower Tree Red
Leaf Close-up
Tree Leaf
green and black
cucumber slice
bridge city
Flower Close-up
City Beach
Red Insect
Tacoma flower
frengipani pink
mokara orchid
Flower Head
bee Insect Bee
flowers Flower
flower bright
flower plant
Leaf Multi
Flower Tree
Flower Head
mosque City
school of red
gold fish Gold
Aquaria Red
Flower horn
pumpkin Pumpkin
arowana red
rope to tie
rope to tie
flower bud Leaf
Bee Defocused
Insect Bee
Flower Head
upstream Tree
rural river
river upper
butterfly pupa
stairway at
flower Flower
garlic food
long tail
apples pink red
Multi Colored
Multi Colored
hunt for nectar
janda kaya
tiger orchid it
moth brown
sunny day beach
leaves small
leaf after rain
honey bee, wild
green caladium
stinge bug
Water Sea Beach
Water Sea
Water Nautical
Flower Water
closed up wild
hot day water
modern muslim
cake decor
lake garden
the little bee
flower petal
dew stick on
dew Multi
plumeria flower
i love
jumping spider
Flower Head
Portrait Insect
a scene at
self potrait
a legume used
spider Animal
sunrise blue
lake silhouate
blue hour
lake pond man
butterfly in
symbiosis Tree
minute plants
coconut kernal