I mostly shoot film but like Iphoneography. https://plus.google.com/+MichaelZieschang
Face off Nofilter Face Off Lichtenhagen Rostock Wahlkampf Grass Plant Land Field Nature No People
In a bubble Snapseed Vignette IPhoneography In A Bubble Flea Market Childhood Young One Person Real People Portrait
Yellow Red Green Iconic Cheguevara Che Guevara Communication No People Text Indoors  Sign Close-up Script Illuminated
Northsea Low Tide Scheveningen Pier Scheveningenbeach Scheveningen  Schwarzweiß Black And White Blackandwhite Architectural Column Architecture Built Structure Water In A Row Day No People
We loved the Dutch North Sea coast in November. Northsea The Netherlands Rainbow Colors Columns Low Tide Scheveningen Pier Scheveningen  Built Structure Architecture Architectural Column Water Nature Day No People
Orange rabbithole Quadrat Squareformat Everythingisbeautiful Everyday Things Rabbit Hole Rabbithole Lichtenhagen Rostock High Angle View Orange Color Day Textile Outdoors Textured  Fishing Net
Peaks Minimal Photography Minimalistic Minimal Composition Minimalism Dull Weather Monochrome Großklein Rostock Grey Sky
monochrome monochrome photography Clouds And Sky Grey Sky Monochrome Urban Lines Urban Geometry Minimal Minimalism Lüttenklein Laternenmast One Direction Rostock
Laternenmast lüttenklein Urban geometry Outpost minimal minimalism monochrome photography Clouds And Sky Dull Grey Sky Laternenmast Lüttenklein Urban Geometry Outpost Minimal Minimalism Rostock
Pyramide ‚James‘ or ‚Lloyds‘ Everyday Things EverydayThings Derelict & Abandoned KTV Pyramids Storage Rostock
Wetter Square Format Snapseed Editing  Colorstreetphotography Color Streetphotography Streetphotography Umbrella Lichtenhagen Rostock Rainbow Outdoors
Angles and triangles Abstract Photography Abstract Triangle Shape Allthingsyellow Lines And Shapes Rostock Transportation Yellow Mode Of Transportation Land Vehicle Bicycle Sign
Red green KTV Lines And Shapes Redgreen Abstract Photography Abstract Rostock Bicycle Land Vehicle Transportation Mode Of Transportation No People Red
3 colors Bicycle Bluegreenred KTV Rostock Mode Of Transportation Redbluegreen Land Vehicle Stationary Road Red Car
New film for my Bessa R2A. Film Photography Analog Ishootfilm Filmisnotdead Ishootfilm Voigtländer Nokton 35mm F1.4 BessaR2A Jchsp400 Technology Photographic Equipment
My Werra sees in color actually. Film Filmisnotdead Film Photography 50mm Believeinfilm Ishootfilm Rossmann400 Werra Technology Still Life Retro Styled Metal Photographic Equipment
My Sokol sees redscale actually. Believe In Film Ishootfilm Sokolautomat Kodak Film Kodakfilm Redscale Filmphotography Analog Analogue Photography Camera - Photographic Equipment
Dead seagull Dead Bird Warnemünde Rostock Seagull Dead Animal Cadaver Creativity
Pink 6/x Pink Pink Color All Things Pink KTV Rostock Brick Wall Bicycle Transportation Land Vehicle No People Stationary Wall
Pink 5/x Evershagen Rostock All Things Pink Angel Purple No People Pink Color Sign Shadow Illuminated Silhouette
Pink 4/x Lichtenhagen Rostock Everyday Art All Things Pink No Filter No Edit No Filter Toy Pink Color Stuffed Toy No People Creativity
Pink 3/x Evershagen Rostock No Filters Or Effects Nofilternoedit No Filter All Things Pink out of the box Pink Color No People Still Life
Pink 2/x Pink Color Umbrella All Things Pink Pink Color Lichtenhagen Rostock Nofilterneeded No Edit/no Filter Nofilter Pink Color No People
Pink 1/x Pink Color Lichtenhagen Rostock Gummistiefel  All Things Pink Field Shoe Single Object
Public cocooning days Furniture Photography Urban Furniture Rostock Hansestadt Rostock Lichtenhagen Square Format Snapseed Blackandwhitephotography Schwarzweiß
Public cocooning days Rostock Lichtenhagen Furniture Photography Urban Furniture Blackandwhitephotography Schwarzweiß Snapseed
Public cocooning days Cocooning Blackandwhitephotography Schwarzweiß Rostock Hansestadt Rostock Lichtenhagen Furniture Photography Urban Furniture Square Format Snapseed
4/4 sunsets Sunset Sky Orange Color Reflection Sea Sunsets Ostsee Ostseeküste Rostock Warnemünde Baltic Sea Sonnenuntergang Summer Exploratorium
3/4 sunsets Sunset Beach Reflection Sunsets Sonnenuntergang Beachphotography Beach Photography Rostock Warnemünde Warnemünde Strand Ostsee Ostsee Ostseeküste Baltic Sea Summer Exploratorium
2/4 sunsets Sunset Reflection Beachphotography Sunsetporn Clouds And Sky Ostseeküste Ostsee Warnemünde Rostock Baltic Sea Summer Exploratorium
1/4 sunsets Silhouette Sunset Electricity Pylon Low Angle View Elmenhorst Lichtenhagen Rostock Hansestadt Rostock Sunsets Sonnenuntergang
Good morning Window Close-up Black And White Blackandwhite Lichtenhagen Rostock Low Angle View Skulls And Bones Sceleton Black And White Friday
Rain clouds Silhouette Low Angle View Sky Rostock Blackandwhite Lichtenhagen Black And White Black And White Friday
Hot wire Brick Wall No People Lichtenhagen Rostock Turquoise Minimalism Abstract
Big fat black Bicycle Wheel Tire Streetphotography Blackandwhite Black And White Rostock Lichtenhagen
This is the right time Window Sunset Light And Shadow Curtains Maritime Decoration Rostock Hansestadt Rostock Ostseeliebe
Pet Portraits Fanny our dog from the animal shelter Pets Dog Portrait Looking At Camera
A new day in the ghetto Rostock Lichtenhagen Hansestadt Rostock Morning Light Black And White Silhouette Morgenstimmung Licht Und Schatten
Luxusgassirunde - walking the dog luxury style Rostock Warnemünde Walking The Dog Beachphotography Sunset And Clouds  Evening Sky Evening Mood
Role model Rostock Warnemünde Roadsign Role Model Family Of Three Streetart
Sunset season in the ghetto Rostock Hansestadt Rostock Lichtenhagen Sunset Intheghetto Evening Light Golden Hour
Selective colors Garbage Can StillLife Still Life Selective Color Rostock Warnemünde Paint The Town Yellow
Moin Rostock Hansestadt Rostock Lichtenhagen Sunrise Rostocker Ansichten Nofilter
Conference room Conference Room UNDERTHESKY Emptychairs Rostock Rostocker Ansichten Lichtenhagen
Worn out Bikesaroundtheworld KTV Bikes Bicycles Rostock
Death is after you Memento Mori Scull Streetphotography Colorstreetphotography Rostock HanseSail 2017 HanseSail Hansestadt Rostock
Brothers in arms - when I was carrying my Sokol Automat with me Praktica Mtl 5b PRAKTICAMLT5 Analogue Photography Rostock Hansestadt Rostock HanseSail HanseSail 2017
Kriss kross Rostock Hansestadt Rostock HanseSail 2017 HanseSail Abstract Photography Lines Square Snapseed
Hook Minimalism Red Square Abstract Photography No People Tallship HanseSail HanseSail 2017 Hansestadt Rostock Rostock
Color overload HanseSail 2017 HanseSail Rostock Abstract Photography Colors Colorful
Quiet spaces between the people Rostock HanseSail HanseSail 2017 No People Snapseed Ropes And Lines Tampen
Wordless Backyard Walsrode Backyardphotography Squares Are Cooler  Snapseed Graffiti
Backyard Walsrode Backyardphotography Backyard Snapseed Squares Are Cooler
Graffitis with a statement Walsrode Graffiti Statement Monochrome
13:12 Walsrode VW Polo Graffiti Snapseed
Black facade Walsrode Facades Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Symmetry Clouds And Sky
Kommt heute noch zur Ausstellung 'Kunstoffen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern' in Jensens Wohnzimmerstudio, Aleksis-Kivi-Str. 11, Evershagen Kunstoffen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ausstellung Exhibition Käsehäppchen
Blackandwhite Black & White Abstract Abstract Photography High Angle View Hole Of Light Rostock Backyardphotography
Waiting for the metro People Photography Streetphotography Blackandwhite Photography Bwphotography Blackandwhite Kiew
Well ... ? People Photography Colorstreetphotography Streets In Color Streetphotography Mobilephotography IPhoneography Kiew Balloon Commuting Publictransport Paint The Town Yellow
Smiling Onthestreets Kiew People Photography Streetphotography Colorstreetphotography Streets In Color IPhoneography Snapseed
No taboo Onthestreets Kiew Iphoenography Snapseed Mobilephotography Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Blackandwhitephotography Streetphotography
On the streets at night in Kiew Kiew Streetphotography Square Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Blackandwhite Photography
Glory day at the beach 2 Warnemünde Rostock Ostseeküste Ostseestrand Sunset Ostsee Baltic Sea
Glory day at the beach Warnemünde Ostsee Ostseestrand Ostseeküste Rostock Sunset Sunsetporn
The right time. I love that season of sunrises and long shadows... Rostock Architecture Long Shadows Sunrise Werft Morning Light
Deal des Tages Filmphotography Deal Agfa CT Precisa 100 Ishootfilm Filmisnotdead Rostock
Rostock KTV Sunset Sunsetporn Sunset_collection Snapseed
I am Amsterdam - x x x Amsterdam Iamamsterdam Amsterdam City Collage Art Snapseed Collage
Iconic view - sunset while HanseSail 2016 Rostock HanseSail Hansesail 2016 Black And White Photography Black And White Snapseed Sunset Silhouettes
Great lights - HanseSail 2016, Rostock Rostock Hansesail 2016 HanseSail Snapseed Sunset And Clouds  Sunset Lightbulbs
Great day, great light Soaking Up The Sun Clouds And Sky Blackandwhite Black And White Ostsee Warnemünde Rostock Sunset
Poser, Berlin, what I see while traffic jam, Berlin Traffic Jam Highway Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White Snapseed Black And White Friday
Berlin, highways Berlin Highway Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White Snapseed
Alive, Berlin, what I see while traffic jam, Berlin Highway Cadaver Blackandwhite Black And White Blackandwhite Photography Snapseed
Dead, Berlin, what I see while traffic jam Berlin Traffic Jam Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White Snapseed
Crossroads, Berlin, what I see while traffic jam Berlin Junction Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White Snapseed Black And White Friday
Junction, Berlin, what I see while traffic jam Berlin Junction Highway Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White Snapseed Black And White Friday
Take a seat. An old bar closed down, will it re-open ? Warnemünde Snapseed Bar Stools Ostsee
There it comes Clouds And Sky Sunset And Clouds  Ostsee Warnemünde Snapseed
Passed by Clouds And Sky Sunset And Clouds  Warnemünde Ostsee Snapseed
Drama Clouds And Sky Sunset And Clouds  Ostsee Warnemünde Snapseed
Hundertwasser in Lichtenhagen Vscocam Hundertwasser Rostock Hansestadt Rostock Lichtenhagen
Warnemünde Sunny Day Sunnyday Snapseed Square
Filly through the magnifier Cat Lovers Snapseed Magnified Caturday
On the way to Frankfurt/Oder, stop in Berlin, Main Station... Morning Light Train Station Berlin Traveller
Festive reindeers Best Christmas Lights
stars Best Christmas Lights
Warnemünde Stormy afternoon Ostsee Rostock Clouds And Sky Sunset
Gorgous light in Sassnitz on the Insel Rügen Snapssed Blackandwhite Lighthouse Black And White Black And White Friday
I'm happy for seeing this beauty. Snapseed Cloudporn Clouds And Sky Rostock Warnemünde Sunset Water Reflections
The best cam is the one you carry with you. But I wish I had a better one with me. Amazing. Rostock Warnemünde Clouds And Sky Cloudporn Sunset Ostsee Snapseed
What an evening - I've never seen anything like that Clouds And Sky Cloudporn Warnemünde Rostock Ostsee Sunset
Amazing sky - I love it 🌅🌇 Rostock Lighthouse Clouds And Sky Cloudporn Snapseed Ostsee Warnemünde
Endlich wieder Regen ... Finally rain again Reflections Rostock Streetphotography Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Bwstreetphotography Vscocam
Edge Of The World lines on a field lead into nowhere (Nikon D600, 50mm primelens)
At the beach after work Beautiful Sunset Ostsee Sunset And Clouds  Baltic Sea Rostock
Sunset on the water. Warnow Beautiful Sunset Snapseed Rostock
Rainy day 2 Rostock Square Snapseed Monochrome Black And White
Rainy day Rainy Day Rostock Black And White Square Monochrome_Monday