I am an English teacher,and I am cycling to pingfeng campus Humansofzjut
every time when I am not very happy,I will eat something😝 Humansofzjut
we are about to graduate,it is the last time for us to take photos together,we should be happy Humansofzjut
It's raining heavily,do you love my umbrella? Humansofzjut
It's May 20th.In China it means I love you.so I take them out to enjoy the time they can easily hand in hand.——said the young teacher. Humansofzjut
It is the first time for me to donate blood,I am very glad that I can give my own power on welfare.——a freshman
"My saddest moment in my life is when I was 16 and do badly in high school entrance exam.so I had to enter an rather worse school."——Jessica First Eyeem Photo