Zeke Ho


Singapore-based amateur photographer.
Day No People Outdoors Pattern Text
Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure City Day Futuristic Indoors  Low Angle View Modern No People Skyscraper
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Architecture Igsg Sgshots Mbs Helix Tv_architectural Tv_pointofview Perspective Puddlegram Mirror Reflectiongram Mayfair Ig_minimalshots Minimalism Minimal_perfection Minimalove Minimalexperience Rsa_minimal Rsa_graphics Rsa_streetview Rsa_sky Jj_mobilephotography Transfer_visions Minimalmood Reflections buildings seemycity
Keep going. Each step may get harder, but don't stop! Architecture Lookingup_architecture Tv_pointofview Interiordesign Inspiration Perseverance Lookup Symmetry Art Patterns Walking Abstract Abstractart Sony A5000 Minimal_lookup
No matter how impossible the situation, no matter how hopeless it seems, no matter how grim the prospects, God can transform it for good. (Ps. Its my first time snapping architectural shots. Hope its not too bad.) Lookingup_architecture Simplicity Architecture Architecturephotography Buildingsareart Encouragement Inspiration Abstract Abstractart Walking SonyA5000 Minimal_lookup
Life is full of choices. You are free to make whatever choice you want, but you are not free from the consequences of the choice. Lookingup_architecture Architecture Inspiration Tv_pointofview Verticallyhorizontal CBD Buildings Buildingsareart Sky_high_architecture Abstract Abstractart Walking Sony A5000 Minimal_lookup
Conjoined buildings Lookingup_architecture Architecture Buildings Buildingsareart Design Playingwithart Lifeisstrange Sky_high_architecture Skyscraper Architectonics_world Skyscrapercity Skyscrapers Walking Abstract Abstractart Sony A5000 Minimal_lookup
How can you get to the top of the mbs hotel without a lift and the stairs, you ask? Simple. Just get a skateboard and skate your way up. Ive invented a new vertical skatepark, so give it a try, reach the top and thank me later😎. Mbs MarinaBaySandsHotel Marinabay Marinabaysands Architecture Lookingup_architecture Tv_pointofview Buildings Buildingsareart Walking Abstractart Abstract Sony A5000 Justkidding Minimal_lookup Urban Façade
The awakening of a spirit. Architecture Lookingup_architecture Buildings Buildingsareart Sky_high_architecture Symmetry Design Tv_pointofview Instagram Theawakening Thebestisyettocome Happynewyear PicturePerfect Skyscraper Skyscrapers Art Patterns Ig_minimalshots Minimal_perfection Minimalism Minimal_shots Leavethepastbehind Startalloveragain Reachforthesky Walking abstract abstractart sony a5000 minimal_lookup
Just keep walking, but be careful not to fall into a gap which defines fatality. Architecture Lookingup_architecture Skyscrapers Sky_high_architecture Skyscraper Walking Design Pathway Tv_pointofview Sony A5000 Abstract Abstractart Minimal_shots Minimal Minimal_perfection Minimalism Art Inspiration Watchyourstep Minimalexperience Killerminimal Hipster Hipsteria Simplicity architecturalphotography instagram igsg sgig minimal_lookup
This is what will become of both the Singaporeflyer and the LondonEye whenever i snap them with a camera.😂😂😂😂 Abstract Architecture Streetphotography Abstractart Design Creative Improvised ArtsyFartsy Archilovers ArchiTexture Archidaily Urban Concrete Lookingup_architecture London Symmetry Diagonal_symmetry Singapore Sky_high_architecture Instagram Ig_minimalshots Minimalexperience Minimal_perfection minimal minimal_shots minimalism urban patterns tv_pointofview
Taking in every moment from a broader perspective Architecture Archilovers ArchiTexture Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv Buildingsandsky Blue Skyline Skyscraper Skyporn Sky_high_architecture Minimal_shots Minimal_perfection Minimalism Minimal Minimalexperience Minimal_lookup Lookup Lookingup Patterns Symmetry Urban Artsy artsyfartsy art instagram design symmetry abstractart
A bright future awaits us all. Attractions Artsy Architecture Lookingup_architecture Sky_high_architecture Skyscraper Lookingup Buildings Buildingsandsky Walking Streetphotography Abstract Abstractart ArtsyFartsy Photooftheday Picoftheday Skyscrapers Design Art Concrete Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Igsg Sgig instagram symmetry goals motivation
Many people who try to do big bold things in the world find out it's not about the money or the technology: It's about the regulatory hurdles that will try and stop you. Lookingup_architecture LoveYourself Life Quoteoftheday ArchiTexture Archilovers Architecture Buildings Skyscraper Inspiration Hipster Running Abstract Abstractart Design Hurdles Patterns Minimalism Minimal_perfection Minimalexperience Ig_minimalshots Minimal_lookup Lookup Tv_pointofview Tv_simplicity tv_architectural tv london art urban
The last thing you will want to see happening to the Singaporeflyer or the LondonEye . Igsg Sgig Instagram Lookingup_architecture Lookingup Architecture Design Sky_high_architecture Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv_architectural Abstractart Abstract ArtsyFartsy Artsy Concrete Symmetry Simplicity Simplyclean Photographysouls Photooftheday Picoftheday Blackandwhitephotography blackandwhite photographs photography london thisneverhappens
Happy new year to all of you! Let us all focus on the road ahead of us and leave the past behind. Also, as a student, let the sky be the limit for all those taking your major exams this year, whichever grade you are in. God bless you all In your future endeavours and have a creative, artsyfartsy year ahead! Architecture ArtsyFartsy Artsy Lookingup_architecture Lookingup Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Focus Art Abstractart Abstract Buildings Picoftheday Photography Photooftheday Concrete Design Minimalistic Minimalism Minimal_lookup Ig_minimalshots Igsg Sgig Instagram minimal_shots minimal_perfection allthebest happynewyear goodluck
Double Vision. Abstractart Architecture Archilovers ArchiTexture Art Artsy Archidaily Lookingup_architecture Lookup Lookingup Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Buildings Sky_high_architecture Skyscraper Urban Concrete Minimalexperience Minimalism Mirror Minimal_lookup Instagram Instagramers Design citylife patterns perspective photooftheday london
Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps. Lookingup_architecture Abstract Urban Concrete Diagonal_symmetry Ig_minimalshots Minimal_lookup Minimalism Singapore Minimalexperience Minimal_perfection Mirror Crossover Motivation Inspiration Hipster Design Art Abstractart Sky_high_architecture Skyscraper Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Picoftheday Streetphotography walking lookup lookingup instagramers instagram
Love is a magical shelter where you will feel yourself safe beneath it. Lookingup_architecture Creative_architecture Rustlord_archdesign Tv_pointofview Ig_minimalshots Minimal_lookup ArtsyFartsy Art Design Abstractart Abstract Patterns Diagonal_symmetry Buildings Shelter Love Quoteoftheday Lifegoals Urban Frameable Minimalism Mirror Architecture Archidaily Archilovers architexture minimalism perspective photooftheday symmetry life
Fancy a piece of diamond cheesecake? Cheesecake Diamonds ArtsyFartsy Architecture Archilovers ArchiTexture Archidaily Photooftheday Art Design Ig_minimalshots Lookingup_architecture Creative_architecture Tv_pointofview Rustlord_archdesign Frameable Picoftheday Urban Concrete Artistic Exteriordesign Food Buildings Simplicity Minimal_lookup minimal_perfection tv_architectural minimalexperience creative creativity
This is how it feels like to be forced into doing something you don't love. Anyway, school is starting tomorrow, especially the embarkation of intensive studying for the 'O' level students this year, which absolutely sucks. But we should all have fun at work and school and always show interest in what you are doing, even though its something you don't love and eventually, it can become a new interest to you. This may be the best piece of advice i could give to anyone. Artsy Architecture Rustlord_archdesign Lookingup_architecture Diagonal_symmetry Ig_minimalshots Instagram Hipster Design Art Tv_architectural Tv_pointofview Tv_simplicity Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Urban Creative_architecture Wallstreet Reluctance Archidaily Archilovers Picoftheday Perspective Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography inspiration motivation awesomebnw backtoschool backtowork
Is it because i'm too tall or is it that the ceiling is too low? Architecture Archilovers ArchiTexture ArtsyFartsy Art Diagonal_symmetry Ceiling Justkidding Lookingup_architecture Buildings Sky_high_architecture Skyporn Skyscraper Ig_minimalshots Frameable Instagram Picoftheday Photograph Streetphotography Design Patterns Urban Concrete Abstractart Abstract minimal_lookup minimal_perfection minimalexperience rustlord_archdesign interiordesign
No longer a slave to fear. ArtsyFartsy Architecture Sky_high_architecture Skyscraper Archidaily ArchiTexture Archilovers Tv_architectural Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Ig_minimalshots Lookingup_architecture InTheSky Flying Freedom Iamachildofgod Marinabaysands Mbs Singapore Minimal_lookup Minimal_perfection Minimalexperience Minimalism Patterns Art diagonal_symmetry design urban concrete instagram
Would you rather walk straight or climb up? Change now or go hard 😎 Architecture Stunningbnw ArtsyFartsy Lookingup_architecture Arkiromantix Lookup Ig_minimalshots Igsg Instagram Design Art Patterns Perspective Concrete Urban Abstractart Abstract Sky_high_architecture Skyscraper Buildings Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv_architectural Archilovers ArchiTexture rustlord_archdesign picoftheday nofilter reflection life
Confusion and haywire. Architecture Art Abstract Archidaily Archilovers ArchiTexture VSCO Vsco_hub Vscocam Vscogood Tv_architectural Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Minimalism Minimalexperience Ig_minimalshots Diagonal_symmetry Concrete Urban London Rustlord_archdesign Photowall_architecture Creative_architecture design picoftheday perspective sky_high_architecture skyscraper
Skyscraper facade 1 Architecture Archilovers Archidaily ArchiTexture Lookingup_architecture Minimal_lookup Minimal_perfection Minimalism Minimalexperience Sky_high_architecture Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Skyscraper Façade Photooftheday Creative_architecture Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Design Art Buildings concrete urban rustlord_archdesign jj_architecture facade skyscraping_minimal
Be careful while crossing the road. Roads Rustlord_archdesign Architecture Archidaily Archilovers ArchiTexture Skyscraper VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Lookingup_architecture Sky_high_architecture Creative_architecture Patterns Perspective Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Minimalism Minimalexperience Ig_minimalshots Buildings urban picoftheday design weekly_feature photowall_architecture
The crash Architecture Art Design Urban Concrete Crash Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Minimalism Minimalexperience Ig_minimalshots Archilovers Archidaily ArchiTexture Lookingup_architecture Creative_architecture Jj_architecture Overseas VSCO Vscocam Vscogood throwback skyscraper sky_high_architecture diagonal_symmetry london
Tranquility Architecture Archilovers Archidaily ArchiTexture Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Minimalism Minimalexperience Ig_minimalshots Simplicity Simplyclean Rustlord_archdesign Lookingup_architecture Creative_architecture Sky_high_architecture Skyscraping_architecture Skyscraper Urban Peace Quiet Concrete Picoftheday buildings perspective patterns design art
Sliding down a building like nobody's business😎. Jj_architecture VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Ig_minimalshots Blackandwhite Lookingup_architecture Architecture Art LikeABOSS ArchiTexture Archidaily Archidaily Picoftheday Instagram Buildings Tv_pointofview Rustlord_archdesign Ig_architecture Design Urban Concrete Slides Tv_architectural Tv_buildings minimal_perfection minimal_lookup ig_minimalshots creative_architecture weekly_feature vscoarchitecture creative_architecture lookingup
The merlion, the guy whom i feel the most sorry for, living its lonely, daily life of sitting by the bay, watching people have fun, and most of all, watching people look at it and snap pictures of it peeing through its mouth as it has no choice at all. Merlion Marinabaysands Marinabay Singapore Visitsingapore ExploreSingapore Alone Sad Life Excellent_structure Photooftheday Landscape Urban Lonely Holiday Boredom Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Photography Instagram Attractions unique minimal_perfection minimalism minimalexperience ig_minimalshots
Its time to land. Bnw_life Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Vscom Architecture Archilovers Archidaily ArchiTexture Tv_architectural Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Lookup Buildingstyles_gf Rustlord_archdesign Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Minimalism Ig_minimalshots Design Concrete Urban Photowall_architecture Skyscraping_architecture sky_high_architecture fineartarchitecture perspective jj_architecture lookingup_architecture
Losing my sense of direction. Architecture Archilovers Archidaily ArchiTexture Horizon Lookingup Lookingup_architecture Skyscraping_architecture Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Minimalism Ig_minimalshots Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Skyscraper Concrete Urban Art Design patterns photooftheday rustlord_archdesign weekly_feature freezfram
Stay away from me, i hurt. Architecture ArtsyFartsy Art Design Lookingup Tv_architectural Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv_architectural Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Minimalism Ig_minimalshots Perspective Freezfram Frameable VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Vscom Patterns Concrete Urban Photooftheday Killer fatality esplanade instagram durian facade creative_architecture
Have fun, guys! It's sunday! Weekends Weekly_feature Behindthescenes Photography Life Urban Landscape Environment Streetview Photooftheday Scenery Holiday Tv_simplicity Frameable Tv_buildings Minimal_perfection Ig_minimalshots Minimalism Minimalexperience Seemycity Citylife City ExploreSingapore Streetphotography VSCO vscocam vsco_hub vscogood perspective breathtaking
This way or that way? You choose. Landscape Nature Green Greenery Trees Bushes Garden City Photooftheday Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Perspective Decisions Choices Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Vscom Urban Mycity Citylife Seemycity
Fair and square. Architecture Art Abstract Design Urban Concrete Patterns Diagonal_symmetry Square Lookingup Lookingup_architecture Rustlord_archdesign Mirror Minimal_lookup Minimal_perfection Ig_minimalshots Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Weekly_feature Vscogood Vscom Instagram Tv_architectural Tv_pointofview tv_buildings minimal_perfection minimalism perspective tv_simplicity streetphotography
Just now, a flying concrete paper plane. And now, a flying hourglass. Everything flies nowadays😂😂😂. Architecture Ig_minimalshots Life Archilovers ArchiTexture Archidaily Ic_architecture Jj_architecture Rustlord_archdesign Arkiromantix Perspective Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Tv_architectural Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Diagonal_symmetry Hourglass Delusional Freezfram Frameable Urban Concrete Design Art abstract wallpaper abstractart
Enjoy your weekends, everyone! Forget all your troubles as it's all about freedom now! Architecture ArchiTexture Archilovers Archidaily Archimasters Icu_architecture Lookingup_architecture Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Tv_architectural Minimal_lookup Mirror Ig_minimalshots Photowall_architecture Jj_architecture Perspective Freezfram Frameable Fly Weekly_feature Vscoarchitecture Urbanocity Instagram Arkiromantix Sky_high_architecture skyscraping_architecture creative_architecture stunningbnw
A huge window of opportunity to swoop in. Architecture Abstractart Abstract Art Design Lookingup_architecture Archi_features Sky_high_architecture _architecture Tv_architectural Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Minimal_perfection Minimal_lookup Interiordesign Minimalexperience Urban Minimalism Throwback Urban Concrete Fineartarchitecture ArtsyFartsy Skyscraper Perspective Freezfram frameable rustlord_archdesign arkiromantix diagonal_symmetry london building
A puddle after the rain. Architecture Landscape_captures ExploreSingapore Abstractart Abstract Reflection Puddle Puddlegram Citylife City Seemycity Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Tv_buildings Landscapephotography VSCO Vsco_hub Vscocam Vscogood Vscom Ig_minimalshots Perspective Urban Mycity Landscapestyles_gf frameable thepuddlegames minimal_lookup reflectiongram freezfram
The details of the helix bridge. Design ArtsyFartsy Art Justgoshoot Patterns Diagonal_symmetry Urban Concrete Bridge Details Perspective Freezfram Frameable Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Fineart Bnw_life Stunningbnw Minimal_perfection Minimalexperience Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Vscom minimalism ig_minimalshots simplicity creativity
Some things are just not worth our time. We can spend so much time on them and get nothing in the end. Architecture Abstractart Archilovers Archidaily ArchiTexture Patterns Diagonal_symmetry Tv_architectural Tv_buildings Tv_pointofview Perspective Freezfram Frameable Ig_minimalshots Fineart_photobw Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Vscom Instagram Urban Concrete Art Design photowall_architecture minimal_perfection minimal_lookup minimalism minimalexperience
Singapore's state of hipsteria. Architecture Citylife Seemycity Perspective Frameable Freezfram Hipster Justgoshoot VSCO Vsco_hub Vscocam Vscogood Vscom Tv_pointofview Tv_simplicity Tv Blackandwhite Singapore Marinabay Urban Rustlord_bnw Rsa_bnw Bnw_life Bnw_globe Bnw bnw_captures stunningbnw