yuliani andries


Hi iam from Indonesia,but i live in Varna Bulgaria.i like photography
autumn in the
enjoy the
autumn feel
enjoy the
clear water
life at the
swan at the
walk in the
enjoy the
swan and the
birds at the
swans at the
I don’t have a
colours of
walk away Tree
play Beach Full
winery Wine
landscape Clear
sunset Beach
alley Full
run if you can
sunny day Rural
to understand
me with old
sun flowers
me & sun flower
sun flowers
sun flower
boat at the
spring time
yellow tulips
iam tall now
love metal but
spring time
land with full
smile and
the sea Water
Water Sea Beach
Water Sea Full
Beach Full
Rain Water Sea
Bird Sunset Sky
Swans stand on
Follow me Swans
birds are
morning days
The Swans
Swan watch the
bird standing
birds fighting
enjoy the sun
flying birds
community of
the swan with
I like santa
Santa grandpa
my Hushband can
sunny day
give the food
maple leaf on
smile in the
maple leaf on
ship and boat
Tree Branch
Maple Leaf
High Angle View
Open the door!
Bird Perching
Pizza Food
Reading Book
Bird Swan Water
Swan Bird Water
Pets Beach Sand
Bird Perching
Tree Full
Tree Sunlight
Tree Full
Birds Water
Water Sea
Bird Perching
Full Length
Tree Portrait
Autumn colors
Fingers Bloody
Flower Head
Flower Head
Flower Flower
City Multi
Flower Head
Cactus Aloe
Warm Clothing
City Cityscape
Bird Close-up

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