Edgar Guerrero


Im From Brownsville Tx. Rivera High ~.~, Sophmore 16yrs. South Side∵ Diamond Kings 💎§ Soccer, Weed & Music is life ~.~ ~Young King
Mall wt. The homeboys!(;
Today going to the counselor taking a quick selfie wt them❤
First day of school selfie with la shorty ?❤
Today after school wt. Samantha ?❤
With Diana ?❤
Everyone says you fall in love once, but that's not true because every time i see you, i fall in love all over again.
When she finds your name on a Coca ?❤
Throw back ? ~Sparking wt. the homeboy ~.~
Playing Fifa wt the homeboys ??⚽
At his xv ????
Throw back Huevolin ~.~
Xv went great with them ?❤?
Wt. My lil nigga ??
Acting Cholo at the xv ???
Today at her xv ?❤
Con mi cunado ?
Yesterday was fun x) ~Mall & Movies ?❤
Throw back Thursday with my crew ??
Munching out with my homeboys!(:
Chilling with my homeboys ~.~
Cruising Around the hood ? wt. The bestfriend ?
Off to school ?