Love Life Nd The Ppl In It! Music Makes Me Famous, What Are You Known For?
Watch The Sunset
Trippin early mornin
Parties Over
Kisses Bitches
Where It All Goes Tf Down!
Yo Gotti
Streets talkin we been eatin good
Me Nd Trice #Gotti
Beest At Her Best #KnoDat
Cute Edit
Today's look... Blue n yellow
No Filter
Beest Mode
Hair Wrapped Enjoying The Wind :)
last night FADED! got bae boxers on!
Lookin Fly For My Nigga Is The Least I Can Do! Did It Damn Well
Pink Vday
blue n gold heart balloons for my love! Jus gettin started!
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Me Nd My Losers Ti, Bastain, Relski
Old But New!
monii n Tina
Me Nd My Nookie
Dat Pussy Good, Ass Fat
yikes my Nike's gave out on me! noooooooooo
s/o to my Sunday dinner though
Kiccin Shyt
Head For The Gates DeShawn King
Gift Nd A Curse
Licc It Up
Who Knows?!
She Has Every Reason To Smile && No Reason To Turn It Upside Down
Me Nd My Boo In His Lac Ride'n All Up In Dat Blacc Cuz These Bitches Keep Joccin
im so inlove wit him!!
Brush Ya Teeth Wash Ya Face Then Say Cheese
No Filter! Yu Vs Me Yeen Beat That Baby Lyk Yu Screamin