Roger Hajj


helloo ✋ Lebanese man 🌍 19 ✔ future physician 📚📖📏📐
Father & Son Dad
Summer Selfie Sea Swimming Bestfriend Lebanon Nakoura Sunny Day
Please help me with this one it's a movie name did anyone know it?
Deutschland Deutschland über alles! Germany Germany above all! Deutschland Germany Aachen Trip Photo Best Moments
Love Her My Dream Girl  My Queen My Love My Princess Gorgeous Camilla Belle Camilla
Camilla Camilla Belle Gorgeous My Love My Princess My Queen My Dream Girl  Love Her
That's Me Enjoying Life Selfie Self Confidence Christian Throwback Bored Home FC Bayern Football
Self Drawing Draw By Me Drawing Precision Pencil Drawing Art Attack That's Me Black And White
Driving Selfportrait Selfie Lebanon That's Me Cool Guy Self Portrait Self Confidence Single ♥ Enjoying Life
Capitano 😍😍 😍 Lahm Ramos Ibrahimovic Angel Di Maria Steven Gerrard Fcbayern
Deutscher Meister! Football FC Bayern Passion Deutschland Fc Bayern München FCB Champions Lewandowski Bundesliga
Football is a simple game, but you can't play it simply Deutschland FC Bayern Mario Götze Football Passion
Lebanon Deutschland FC Bayern Ferrari Red Bull
Bored Home That's Me Self Confidence Black And White Enjoying Life Single ♥ Self Portrait Mario Götze Lebanon
There's always one guy who play better then you, or hotter than you, or smarter than you, or talented more than you...but remember that there's no one who had all of this like you ;) That's Me Football Drawing Self Confidence Precision Cool Guy Studying
SUPER MARIO GÖTZE 😍😍😍 Deutschland Fc Bayern München FC Bayern FCB Football Mario Götze
Black And White Drawing Art Art Attack Pencil Drawing Draw By Me Knights Templar Crusaders Jerusalem Palestine
Drunk from her beauty 😍😍 Camilla Belle
Black And White Drawing Art Pencil Drawing Draw By Me Art Attack
Lips Mouth Pencil Drawing Art Draw By Me Drawing Bored Black And White
Alquds Jerusalem Drawing Draw By Me Crusaders Knights Templar Art Attack Art Pencil Drawing Palestine
Draw By Me Drawing Knights Templar Crusaders Cross Alquds JerusalemArt Attack
Knights Templar Crusaders Demons Drawing Art Art Attack Draw By Me Christians
Crusaders We Are Cross Jesus Christ Jesus God Christians Christian Knights Templar Crusaders Angels Demons
FC Bayern Football Lebanon Puma Fc Bayern München Black And White
Football 4 hope Lebanon Football FC Bayern
Glory to the father,and the son,and the holly spirit,like it was,and it is,and always will be.Amen.. Cross Jesus Jesus Christ That's Me Christians Christian Throwback Puma Lebanon God
Jesus,forgive ISIS, they don't know what they are doing.. Jesus Jesus Christ Christians Cross Isis Egyptian Christians
Me and my gun,an endless love story Lebanon Self Confidence Hunting SemiAutomatic Mountains That's Me Precision Enjoying Life
Selfie That's Me Self Portrait Home Christian Single ♥ Self Confidence Lebanon Classic
Precision Hunting SemiAutomatic Mountains Trees Fun Throwback
Art Crusaders Knights Templar Art Attack Jerusalem Palestine Pencil Drawing Draw By Me Marco Reus Alquds
Crusaders Jerusalem Drawing Alquds Palestine Pencil Drawing Knights Templar Art Attack Draw By Me Sword
Knights Templar Crusaders Palestine Jerusalem Alquds Art Attack Pencil Drawing Art Draw By Me Drawing
Football FCB Marco Reus Puma Deutschland Aachen
Did you know that,solving this equation is easier than talking to girls these days? 8crap
We are the demons of the earth and her angles..crusaders!! Crusaders Knights Templar Christians Demons Angels
That's Me Selfie Self Portrait Enjoying Life Great Day  Saturdaynight Home Bored Watching Football
Drawing isn't a waste of time.. :) Art Crusaders Knights Templar Pencil Drawing Draw By Me Sword Artattack Art Attack
Kun Aguero Man City Citizens Argentina Football Artattack Need Followers  Art Chinese Ink Hard Work
Artattack Football FC Bayern Mario Götze Champions League 19 Bored
Devil Art Attack Drawing Draw By Me Pencil Drawing Artattack Art Follow For More Skull Need Followers
Art Artattack Crusaders Art Attack Drawing Draw By Me Pencil Drawing Knights Templar Good Morning
FC Bayern BayernMunich Fc Bayern München Mia San Mia Home Football Deutschermeister Weltmeister FCB Bastian Schweinsteger
That's Me Self Portrait Selfie Saturdaynight Watching FC Bayern Stutgart Home
Holland Summer Great Day  Apple Trees  Green Light Blue Good Morning Enjoying Life That's Me Life In Motion
A king don't give a fu*k Followme Follow Follow4follow Follow For More Follow For Follow Need Followers  Just Getting Started That's Me Selfconfident Life In Motion
Drawing Draw Pencil Drawing Draw By Me Make It Yourself Eye Eye4black&white  Selfconfident Rest Time SO PROUD OF MYSELF
Relaxing That's Me Best Memories Ever GERMANY🇩🇪DEUTSCHERLAND@ Enjoying Life Love ♥ Self Portrait Selfie ✌
What's For Dinner? Piazza Bestfriend Brothers Night Fun Times Best Memories Ever
Make It Yourself Draw Pencil Drawing Draw By Me Paris Paris❤ Paris, France  TourEiffeil Eifelltower Drawing
Life In Motion Sunrise Good Morning First Eyeem Photo