Sunny Gordeno


Im gay asf follow me on ig yomama_crush
the other day
bae bae
long as bae love me
daddy going to sleep
i love my smile
Getting high to balance out the lows.
ain't nobody business but mines and my bayybae
Dukes and I
Remember me this way
Goodmorning btw IM SINGLE
Get high just to balance out the lows - Smoke thee Pain Awayyyy!
Roll Roll Roll My Blunt . Pick Out The Seeds And Stems!
Even if the world stop spinning i know i got you. Love you twin MWAH! :*
The Ix later!
New hair
My Babymama My world man
how young can you die of old age
At School
Imma Miss My Baby
Goodmorning Y'all
This is me without the filter and makeup Im so Uglaaaay
Class And Shit
Roll Up
May your neighbours respect you Trouble neglect you, angels protect you And heaven accept you..
Rajanis Back
Lazy love
you just want me cause Im bad
sometimes i wonder why the world fucked me over
just having a good time being me
Get on ny knees and pray to God i dont go broke!
Is it bad that I've never made love ..
There only 1 me!
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Being Me