ťhê přîńčę ķęvįń


add me whatsApp to be a friend to you all, my girl...... +9647704097864..me.........prince..20..love..fraind.me.forever..
good nai
Good mor.farind
I love this player a lot I want to collect the largest number of Likes
the me 20/3/2014
new tatoos me 20
new tatoos me 2014
me sad
me miss yom ......???
love the prinsess hard me sistar
Dad I'm sorry for what I've done all I hope to forgive the fact that I will be with me where my mother and I love you forever and would become your dream
me 1990_____2013
I'm looking for a girl to be beautiful I'm looking for true love be in the heart of a girl I lived many relationships I look for the girl changed my life, her love and affection you come this girl I am Alantdhar for this Elhoudh
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