Alfredo Balagapo


Amateur urban/fashion photographer. All photos are mine. Member of ProTHUGraphy.
Only Men One Man Only Young Adult Business Businessman Well-dressed Outdoors Fashion Lifestyles People City Portrait City Life Photoshoot Smartphone Photography Smartphoneography Photooftheday TheWeekOnEyeEM EyeEm Team VSCO Cam VSCO Capture The Moment EyeEm Best Shots Moody Illuminated
She gave me the green light. Portrait Headshot Lights & Shadows Lights And Reflection Eyeem Philippines Lights And People EyeEmPortraits Capture The Moment Nightlife Photoshoot EyeEm Team Check This Out VSCO Vscocam Lights Travel Eyeemphotography TheWeekOnEyeEM EyeEm Best Shots Photography Urbanexplorer Illuminated Multi Colored Inspired Photooftheday
Emotional Photos People EyeEm Gallery Photooftheday EyeEm Best Shots Check This Out TheWeekOnEyeEM Portrait Capture The Moment Photoshoot Street Fashion Urban Photography Sentimental Exploring Eyeem Philippines EyeEm Team EyeEmBestPics Eyeemphotography EyeEmPortraits Canon6d VSCO Cam Vscocam Photography Follow POTD
TheWeekOnEyeEM Fashionphotographer People Sentimental My Favorite Photo Photographylovers Photography Photoshoot Colors Photooftheday Moody Vscocam Peoplephotography Urbanphotography Mood Creative Street Fashion Creativity Vscohub Portrait Bokeh ArtWork Model Capture The Moment Streetstyle
People Portrait ArtWork Photography Photoshoot Peoplephotography Portraiture Creative Inspired Darkart The Week On EyeEm Dark Photography Vscohub Urbanphotography Vscocam Fashionphotographer Fashion&love&beauty Model Mood Capture The Moment Emotional Photography Emotional Photos Moody Blackandwhitephotography Bnw_captures
Hypebeast  Portrait Model Vscocam Fashion Photography Canon6d People Modellingshoots Modelling Portfolio Street Fashion Style Portraiture Fashionista People Photography Urbanphotography Photography Peoplephotography Fashionstyle Fashionphotographer Fashionblogger Street Portrait Photoshoot Fashion Vscohub Streetstyle
Vscocam Fashionblogger Peoplephotography Model Portrait Fashionista People Photography VSCO Portraiture Streetstyle Street Fashion Photoshoot Canon6d Urbanphotography Vscohub Modelling Portfolio Modellingshoots People Style Photography Fashion Photography Hypebeast  Fashion EyeEm Best Shots Pose
She captivates me. Happiness City Life City Capture The Moment EyeEm Gallery Women Adult VSCO Cam VSCO POTD Eyeem Philippines EyeEmBestPics Urbanexplorer Vscocam Inspired EyeEm Team Photooftheday TheWeekOnEyeEM Photoshoot EyeEm Best Shots Portrait EyeEmPortraits Eyeemphotography People Exploring
She gives color to my dull life. Multi Colored Illuminated Adult People Urbanexplorer Photography EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmBestPics POTD TheWeekOnEyeEM Eyeemphotography Lights Travel VSCO Photoshoot Capture The Moment Vscocam Check This Out EyeEmPortraits EyeEm Team Eyeem Philippines Nightlife Lights And People Lights And Reflection Lights & Shadows
USA Landofthefree Portrait Photoshoot Urbanstyle Photooftheday POTD America American Flag Murica People EyeEm Best Shots TheWeekOnEyeEM EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Team Home Exploring Photography Moody Inspired Capture The Moment Emotional Photos Days  Check This Out Follow
My Favorite Photo
No jordans were damaged during the process of this photoshoot. Such a fun and brief shoot! The Week On EyeEm Streetstyle Street Fashion Fire Firephotography Creativity Creative Inspired Jordans AirJordan  Airjordan5 Sneakerhead  Sneakers Kicksoftheday Kicksonfire Themovement Sneakersaddict Sneakerlove SneakerFreaks SneakerPorn Sneakerfreak Dark Photography Darkart ArtWork Photography
Street Portrait Fashionphotographer Fashionstyle Fashionblogger Peoplephotography Photography Photoshoot Urbanphotography People Photography Fashionista VSCO Portraiture Streetstyle Street Fashion Modelling Portfolio Modellingshoots Pose People Style Canon6d Fashion Photography Vscocam Model Portrait Hypebeast
People Style Photography Fashion Fashion Photography Fashionstyle Photoshoot Canon6d Hypebeast  Modelling Urbanphotography Modellingshoots Streetstyle Portraiture VSCO Modelling Portfolio People Photography Fashionista Portrait Peoplephotography Model Street Fashion Fashionblogger Vscohub Vscocam
Portrait EyeEmPortraits EyeEm Best Shots Illuminated Photoshoot TheWeekOnEyeEM Photooftheday EyeEm Team Inspired Vscocam Urbanexplorer EyeEmBestPics Eyeem Philippines POTD VSCO Moody VSCO Cam Urban Photography Women Adult Outdoors Capture The Moment Lights And People Check This Out EyeEm Gallery
My whole entire 🌐 right there. 💖 Night Nightlife Illuminated Togetherness Weekend Activities Exploring Capture The Moment Sentimental Photoshoot Eyeem Philippines EyeEm Team Vscocam EyeEmPortraits Check This Out TheWeekOnEyeEM POTD Eyeemphotography Photooftheday Portrait Inspired People EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Best Shots Photography Urbanexplorer
Dahoodish Stussy Stussyworld Stussyworldwide Stussy Co. Stussyday Streetwearfashion Streetwear Thehundreds UNDFTD Undefeated Street Fashion Portrait Urbanphotography Streetphotography Exploring_shotz Exploring Graffiti Streetart Streetphoto Urban Photography Urban Lifestyle Urbanexplorer Urbanstyle Photoshoot Photooftheday
Model Fashionphotographer Bnw_captures Emotional Photos Emotional Photography Fashion&love&beauty Urbanphotography Vscocam Moody ArtWork People Photography Portrait Photoshoot Peoplephotography Portraiture Vscohub Fashion Inspired Bokeh Sentimental Emography Photooftheday Photographylovers Photography In Motion
People Streetstyle Modelling Portfolio People Photography Fashionstyle Street Fashion Fashion Photography Photoshoot Style Street Portrait Vscohub Fashionphotographer Peoplephotography Urbanphotography Portraiture Fashion Photography Fashionblogger Modellingshoots Canon6d Hypebeast  Vscocam Modelling Fashion&love&beauty .
Fashion Photography Hypebeast  Fashion Pose Modellingshoots Modelling Portfolio Vscohub People Style Canon6d Street Fashion Streetstyle Portraiture VSCO People Photography Fashionista Photoshoot Urbanphotography Photography Peoplephotography Fashionblogger Fashionstyle Fashionphotographer Street Portrait Eyeemers
Model Fashion&love&beauty Fashionblogger Portrait Fashionista Peoplephotography People Of EyeEm Street Portrait Streetstyle Modelling Portfolio People Photography Modellingshoots Urbanphotography Portraiture Street Fashion Photoshoot VSCO Canon6d Lserieslens Photography Vscocam Hypebeast  Modelling Style People The Week On EyeEm