Ying Paphawarin


I can tell you about my story via snapshot. 🌏Live in Chiang Mai,Thailand 😊 Twitter : @yiing_jina Facebook : Ying MiddleFinger
Harry ,my naughty puppy :) x Dogs EyeEm Best Shots Puppy Hello World
Don't look at her gum(in her eyes) haha / she's early get up^^ Iphonephotography Hello World Dogs EyeEm Best Shots
When she was student in girls dormitory at university. Iphonephotography Black & White Self Portrait Dark
He is a good manners & respect dog :) are you think with me? Haha Iphonephotography EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits Dog
Dogs area:) EyeEm Best Shots Dogs Dog Hello World
Wolf Selfie :) from Wolf Conservation page(facebook) Wolf EyeEm Best Shots Hello World Taking Photos
I have lost my puppy... And he never come back to me again , i am hurt i miss you T__T Feeling Sad Dogs Quote Sad
I wish you were here? my heart my everything my honest friend my belove.you are a half of life,Kobsabha// rest in heaven..love?? Dogs Feeling Sad Dog EyeEm Best Shots
DogDogs] Hello World EyeEm Best Shots She look like a monkey in circus! Haha but she is SybirianHusky dog?
Song-Kran Festival in Thailand. (This photo taken in Chiang Mai,Thailand Festival Songkran Festival Enjoying Life Relaxing Thailand only : original tradition! //people just thowing water to everyone, it is start on 12th April - 14th April. Come to Chiang Mai,Thailand.
Pets Dogs Dog Hi! Hi! Look at my feet? i am saying halo?
Dogs Dog Pets Absorbing He really hungry haha he is absorbing dairy??
Dog Dogs Pets Sleepy give me half of day for snooze?
Dog Dogs Enjoying Life good evening ChiangMai,Thailand /happy with somebody who near me and never let me alone??
Dogs Dog Hi! He look like dargon isn't he? ?he name is Titan : naghty dog and handsome??
Dogs Dog She so pretty girl who see just love she?
Hello World Halo Saturday?⛅️
Relaxing ??